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Rent a Porsche in Leeds

Perhaps one of the most interesting and entertaining cities in the north has to be Leeds, and there are certainly many wonderful events and attractions that bring people to this city from all across the country. But if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get around the city without depending on public transport, then choosing to rent a Porsche in Leeds is a great idea. In fact, there are several incredible models available for hire these days that will not necessarily break the bank, either. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look.

To begin with, this city has many fascinating and interesting cultural events going on throughout the year, so there is always a good reason to visit. Over the seasonal period, you may wish to visit some of the big brand shops in the area, with many excellent shopping centres dotted all around the city. In the warmer months, you may like to catch some of the sporting events, particularly the local United football team or any one of the popular rugby teams that are based in the city. There’s even an Olympic-size swimming pool as well.

Alternatively, you may wish to indulge in some of the arts and entertainment related attractions that the city has to offer. Specifically, it’s well worth attending one of the many playhouses in the area, or even one of the festivals during the summertime. But if you are choosing to hire a Porsche in Leeds, then you will definitely want to take a closer look at some of the best models currently available. One of the top models available these days is the 911, which is a beautiful two-door convertible that comes with a 3 L V6 engine capable of producing 365 brake horsepower, and a top speed of 190 mph.

As you’d expect, this vehicle handles like a dream, and it will easily be the highlight of your week to get behind the wheel of this machine. Another excellent model from this manufacturer is the Panamera, which is their luxurious four-door saloon car, again powered by 3 L V6 engine that’s capable of 310 hp and a top speed of 160 mph. There’s also a surprising amount of room in this car, and even the backseat passengers will have plenty of legroom – which cannot always be said for many sports cars on the market!

If you’re looking for a classic, retro design, then look no further than the Boxster. Even though this model was first introduced way back in 1996, it still manages to top many bestseller lists, and the unique design is a key part of this attraction. The car offers you impeccable handling and is a delightful car to drive in general. In summary, deciding to get a Porsche rental in Leeds is a great decision if you’re looking to spice up your trip to this popular northern city. Getting behind the wheel of a luxury ride like this is always a luxurious occasion, and you should have a great time with any one of these vehicles.

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