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Rent a Pagani in London

The Zonda was designed in the light of the philosophy between Juan Manuel Fangio, the car race champion, and Horacio Pagani, which involves a commitment to goal, vision and a mission without neglecting the essential aspects such as safety, lightness, innovation and performance. The relationship of both, which included the desire of having a Mercedes engine, reached its peak in the year 2005 with the introduction of the F-model, with the design concept and logo entirely devoted to Fangio.

This luxury car therefore, has its inspiration from Fangio and the result is an exclusive innovation and creation featuring a Mercedes AMG 12-cylinder engine, more advanced and lightweight, fascinating and astonishing as compared to the previous models with power output as high a 780 Nm torque and 650 HP. We are proud to now complement our services with a Pagani rental in London. Featuring all this, this luxury sports car manages to have grace, style and character of its own, which not only reflects the artistry behind it, but also the inspirations of the creator.

Zonda F is the car, first of its kind to be displayed on the request of the client, an exclusive technicality in natural carbon fibre, as per the philosophy of the project which is transparent, natural and pure. 

Furthermore, the staff working at manufacturing conveys to the customer a mutual love for passionate driving and tradition, following the grace of historic sports car like those driven by the marvelous Fangio, thanks to the attentive and professional care towards each and every element, like the steering wheel designed with precious handcrafted wood and the dashboard inspired by the antique clockmakers and their designs.

London, the Capital of England is the most popular region of United Kingdom. Standing on River Thames, this region is full of architectural, royal and tribal history. If you wish to explore the European history, this city is the place to be at. From the history of Julius Caesar to the legendary sons of Troy to the endless beauty of its small communities, it is a city full of awe and inspiration.

Visiting for a tourism purpose has many perks. Not only do you learn about the exotic history of the United Kingdom, you get to enjoy the eminence of the Tower, Trafalgar square and the Buckingham Palace. So if you are in the area and wish to enjoy this combination of modern and historically rich city, rent a Pagani in London which allows you to make the best of your days in this city with luxury, class and fun.

Hire a Pagani in London and admire the sophisticated shapes and power regimes, thanks to Hydroforming that has used high pressure molding technology. The placement of exhausts in compliance with first class standards ensured an improved gas emission flow.

Being in Uks capital is your best opportunity to hire a luxury car. A city full of places worthy to be at, on a car that is fun, prestigious and proves comfort like none. So now that you are here, hire with us now. We offer packages and prices suitable for all kinds of tourists.

You deserve to pamper yourself a bit, so travel like a superstar and book one of our amazing vehicles today. If you
would like more information about us, our fleet or our services please don’t hesitate to ask.