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Rent an SUV in London

An SUV (sports utility vehicle) is a large vehicle that can carry more passengers and luggage than a traditional family car. It has the added benefit of not requiring drivers to hold any special license in addition to their conventional driving licences. Such vehicles also have much more power than conventional automobiles and many are designed to cope with off-road driving and extreme weather conditions. In addition, these cars can offer drivers and passengers a more luxurious traveling experience. Consequently, there are many occasions when having access to a vehicle like this can be very helpful and featured below are three occasions when you might want to consider SUV rental in London.

For A Sporting Trip

This is the perfect vehicle for those planning a sporting trip with family or a group of friends, as such a vehicle can carry up to 12 passengers while still providing lots of space for transporting specialized sports equipment, such as golf clubs, skis and snowboards. In addition, many sporting venues are located outside of the city center where some off-road travel may be required, making an SUV a great rental choice, as the vehicles are very reliable and they are built to withstand rugged terrain.

For A Vacation

These cars are perfect for carrying large suitcases and luggage bags, so they can be a great choice for transporting large groups of people to the airport. If you are planning a vacation that is within driving distance, an ride like this can also be the perfect vehicle for your vacation, as it will allow you to travel in more comfort than a traditional car and it provides lots of space for additional equipment, such as camping gear. What's more, if you are traveling with a large group of people, it can be cheaper to rent one car than two or three smaller vehicles. Getting just one vehicle when you hire an SUV in London also means fewer people in your travel group need to be drivers.

For A Night Out

If you are traveling to a different town or city for a night out, hiring a big car with a designed driver can help to make your night a little bit more special and will not cost you as much as hiring a limo. The most popular vehicles can fit up to 12 passengers, making them great for transporting groups of friends to a partying venue. What's more, many rides now come with an extensive range of entertainment equipment, including televisions, surround sound speakers with subwoofers, mini bars, sky roofs, neon-floor lights, and more, making the trip to and from your destination a lot more exciting.

As you can see, there are many reasons why renting an SUV from a rental company in London can be a good idea. So contact Apex Luxury Car Hire today and one of our friendly staff members will walk you through our available car models, rates, terms and more!

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