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Rent a Rolls Royce in Los Angeles

With a rich history of luxury and style, the mighty Rolls Royce is a popular choice for car rental. Whilst this mark of cars look great driving around any city, there is something about LA that makes them especially attractive. That is why if you're thinking about Rolls Royce rental Los Angeles is the city you have to do it in!

How can you make sure that you get a good deal on your car rental and don't pay over the odds? In this post we’ll bring you some money-saving tips, but they all have their downsides of course. In our opinion, if you already plan to do something like hire a Rolls Royce in Los Angeles, you should enjoy the whole experience without cutting yourself short.

Bring Your Own Extras

Child car seats and sat navs are common extras which customers opt for, but do they really need to pay the extra expense? Bringing your own sat nav doesn't need to be a difficult task, it's not as if it will take up a lot of space in your suitcase.

What about if you don't own a sat nav, but could do with one for your vacation? Rather than immediately opting for the sat nav extra on the car rental package, check out the price to buy your own device. Surprisingly, the cost to buy a sat nav can actually be cheaper than adding it on as an extra in your car rental! The downside of course is you have to buy it first and then figure out how to program your route.

Child car seats can also be a rather expensive add on to a rental cost (but it doesn’t have to be and depending on the location, it can be free). Whilst it may seem like hassle to bring the car seat with you, it can certainly save you a small amount of money. Many airlines don't charge anything for bringing a seat with you on the flight, the airlines who do charge tend to only ask for a small amount.

Consider Purchasing Excess Insurance

The rental cost for a car usually includes insurance cover, however the excess can be pretty high. Excess insurance can be purchased for as little as one day, or as an annual fee.

In this way you can drive with the peace of mind that if you do run into trouble, you will be able to reclaim the excess which the rental company will ask you for.

To rent a Rolls Royce in Los Angeles doesn't need to be too difficult a task, it's mostly about being informed in advance of the potential pitfalls. So by being determined to choose the best agency, bringing your own extras with you, and purchasing excess insurance, all that is left to do is contacting Apex Luxury Car Hire to book your rental today!

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