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The Best Luxury Cars To Rent In Miami

Luxury car rental Miami is easily the finest way to travel Miami in style. Miami is on the south-eastern part of Florida on the Atlantic coast. It is the 42nd largest city with a population of just under half a million, but the area surrounding it makes it the 8th most populated U.S. City with a population of around 5 and a half million. Miami is a major centre of culture, media, the arts and finance. It was ranked 7th best city in the United States and 33rd in World. It is America's cleanest city known for its clean air, green spaces, clean streets and attention to recycling. It's ranked as the richest in the Unites States and the 5th richest in terms of purchasing power in the World.

Its nickname is the 'Capital of Latin America', as it has a Spanish speaking majority and huge links to Cuba. The largest amount of international banks in the US are found here in Miami. The port of Miami is known as 'the Cruise Capital of the World.' as it can harbour the world’s largest cruise ships. Rent a luxury car in Miami today and see Miami’s many delights in the best way possible.

The idea of the city of Miami, was dreamed up by Julia Tuttle, which makes it the only major city created by a woman. She convinced the rail road tycoon, Henry Flagler to extend the Florida East Coast Railway to the region and once this was complete Miami was named a city with a population of just 300. The name Miami comes from the word Mayaimi, the old name of the nearby Lake Okeechobee. The area was originally known as 'Biscayne Bay Country' and was a prime spot for buildings.

The area of Miami has been inhabited for thousands of years, by indigenous tribes with the Tequesta’s being the most numerous. In 1566, the Spanish claimed the area and a Spanish mission was built a year later. For the next 250 years Florida swapped hands between the warring British and Spanish empires, until finally in 1821, Miami became part of the United States. In 1895 The Great Freeze took place, destroying neighbouring crops but leaving Miami's intact. The city grew from here and by 1896 the population of Miami was 1000 and by 2006 it had risen to over 5 and a half million.

Things to Do In Miami
Miami is one of the most incredible places on Earth. Beaches, music festivals, museums; Miami has everything you can ever need to have a great time. There’s a whole lot to do in Miami, but there are few things you should never miss out. Here’s a list of things to do in Miami: Miami has a lot of great beaches, and they can give you a lot to do. Apart from the usual swimming, surfing, or sandcastle-building, you can work out, and get in the water even when it’s winter. Miami’s amazing water bodies attract large numbers of kayakers and jet skiers, which is why they also have some of the best water sport facilities. 

Miami witnesses some of the world’s prettiest sunsets, and they definitely should not be missed out. Snapping a usual sunset might not have made too much sense to you, but Miami will give you something to change your mind. The Art Deco District is an entire area of preserved buildings built on the Art Deco architectural style of the 20s. The architecture is relatively simpler than what you might observe today, but looks way better than anything you probably will.

Miami houses some of the world’s craziest and most famous nightclubs. The fast lasers and hard bass can really make your brain forget it’s midnight. Miami has a lot of water bodies, and you certainly shouldn’t go back without riding them for at least a day. Miami, like we mentioned earlier, has a lot of water sport facilities developed. Stay at Miami’s gorgeous hotels. They’re great enough to make you forget about the boredom you might usually experience indoors. They’ll get you some really nice deals and amazing views to enjoy.

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