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Rent an Aston Martin in Miami

For nearly a decade or so there has been a new trend among the younger generation where they haven't bought into owning cars with all of the high costs of gas, insurance, maintenance and depreciation. However, that doesn't' mean that they totally hate cars and don't, at least secretly, wish to drive one sometimes. Well, now there are also plenty of exotic car rental stores where it's possible to rent for a weekend, week, or even month, the car of your dreams. So whether you'd like to have an Aston Martin rental in Miami, Florida or a Ferrari in Los Angeles, you can.

There Are Hundreds And Hundreds Of Cars To Choose From

While this isn't really a problem, it can be, in that there are so many different types of luxury, sport, sport utility, antique, muscle and super cars available, it's hard to always have the exact car that everyone wants in the right location. Since many of the rental companies have multiple outlets, they most likely have several of the types of cars that each person wants in their system.

That's why it's absolutely best if you take the time to decide on your favorite car and then search some of the different rental stores for availability. If they have to, most of the will send the car from a different outlet to one near you, or, you can go get it and enjoy the drive back to your city or town.

If you're flying into a particular city, and would like to have the car ready at the airport, a large number of the rental places are more than happy to offer this service. There are usually several vintage, or exotic car rental stores near every major airport, plus several more fairly close as it has become a fad among many frequent travelers to rent a different luxury car on each trip.

You'll Want To Take Some Time To Call Your Insurance Agent For Coverage

Most of these car rental places would like to sell you their insurance as it's a money maker for them, but sometimes their prices are fairly high. If you have a good car insurance policy where you live and would like to extend it to cover a rental, you should first call your agent to see if it's offered.

Then you'll want to get all of the specifics as to whether it will cover the comprehensive and collision of the rental or just liability, and for how much. The policies that the car rental stores sell can have restrictions, especially on expensive exotic super cars, that won't cover driving under certain conditions like gravel roads, intoxication, or even speeding. You'll want to read the fine print. Some won't allow people under a certain age to rent high powered cars either.

So, if hiring an Aston Martin in Miami is your dream vacation so you can pull up to the disco in style, then you should definitely check with the rental outfits online. There's a good chance one of them has your car available for the time you want it, and the prices aren't really extravagant, all things considered.

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