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Rent a Fiat in Miami

Miami is an incredibly fun city to visit. It's not all that friendly to tourists who arrive without arranging for road transportation, though! A car is a virtual necessity. While sometimes you're going to prioritize other factors in picking out your rental, I think going for a specific make and model is often a great idea. If you want to rent a Fiat in Miami, for instance, I think you're making an excellent choice.

Renting A Known Quantity

Fiat is an international automaker that sells dozens of different models on almost every continent. (No word on that Antarctic dealership yet.) In North America, though, renting a Fiat means one thing and one thing only: Driving the versatile, stylish, practical Fiat 500. This is a great thing because few cars are better suited for the needs of the urban rental driver. Here are the best advantages of choosing to hire a Fiat in Miami:


Whether you work with a major rental outlet, a local business, or a peer-to-peer rental site, you're not going to be paying a lot for a Fiat 500. American rentals are always priced by overall car size, and that puts the Fiat 500 in a range that virtually any visitor can afford. The Fiat 500's excellent fuel economy also helps you in Miami, where you're likely to put a surprising number of miles on your rental car in just a few days.


You want to feel as safe behind the wheel of a rental car as you would when driving a car you own, and the Fiat 500 certainly checks out here. Its record for safety is unparalleled, and the US edition of the sturdy city car earned the coveted Top Safety Pick award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety when it was first introduced.


The reason why Americans rent smaller cars more cheaply is that they tend to believe that such cars are, without exception, cramped and uncomfortable. Of course, it goes without saying that most Americans have little experience with the latest generation of exquisitely-designed European city cars like the Fiat 500. Packed with amenities, engineered for maximum passenger space, and equipped with a stable, smooth suspension, a Fiat is going to be a lot more comfortable than many of the bigger, pricier domestic rentals you'll run into in Miami.


Although no one is going to mistake you for a supercar driver when you're behind the wheel of a Fiat 500, it is rather definitely the most stylish and trendy choice you could make in this size class. This is a car that's almost single-handedly changing America's mind about the value of the city car, and it's accrued a lot of goodwill doing it. As an added bonus, you don't have to pay the same sort of "popularity premium" to rent a Fiat 500 that you would if you tried to buy one in North America.

There's an enormous range of different attractions to see and visit in the Miami area, and getting to most of them absolutely requires your own set of wheels. Why not take it easy on your bank account without sacrificing your comfort, safety, or style! Make the smart choice - rent a Fiat 500 to carry you around reliably when you're taking in the sights in Miami.

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