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Rent a Mercedes in Miami

Mercedes makes some superb automobiles. Whether you're intimately familiar with the performance and luxury of the brand from owning one of your own or are looking for your very first taste of luxury style, choosing to rent a Mercedes in Miami will allow you to explore this thriving city in exquisite style.

When you choose to emphasize luxury and prestige in renting a car, you're sometimes dealing with limited options due to short supply. Try to rent a Ferrari, for instance, and there are only so many companies that can help - even in a vast world city like Miami. Trying to hire a Mercedes in Miami is different, though. There are plenty of different companies both large and small that can set you up.

Take the time to compare your different choices before you come to a final decision. Don't just think about the brand you're looking for; consider how you want to use your Mercedes. If you're looking for to make a big entrance or a brief, stylish splash, look for rental agencies that charge by the hour. If you intend to do some extended traveling a Merc, though, make sure you work with a company that gives you a good deal on mileage.

Once you've picked your rental company and finalized all the necessary arrangements, the temptation to leap behind the wheel of your new Mercedes and roar away immediately can be very strong. Resist it! As with any rental car, you owe it to yourself to take a few minutes to carefully inspect your vehicle both inside and out. Note any damage or distress you find and bring it to the attention of your rental agent.

This can seem like a pain, and you might assume that companies that rent prestigious vehicles like Mercs take great care of their cars. That may very well be true, but you don't want to be held responsible for pre-existing damage when you bring your Mercedes back after you're done with it. Repairs on damaged Mercs can be very expensive, so you want to avoid footing the bill if at all possible.

The best way to keep the cost of your Mercedes rental under control is to be smart about your insurance. Before you start talking to the rental company, review your existing car insurance carefully to determine what sort of coverage you have when you're driving a rental. You may not need any additional insurance whatsoever to feel fully protected.

Check with your credit card company, too. Credit card companies often provide supplementary insurance when you use their cards to rent cars. This can provide another source of inexpensive coverage as an alternative to the inevitably pricey policies that your rental company will offer you.

Miami is a sprawling and diverse city, and it's very hard to see it all without having a car at your disposal. Why not make your vehicle an exciting one for your stay in this dramatic community? Renting a Mercedes in Miami may be one of the smartest ideas you have when you're in Florida!

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