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Rent a Mini Cooper in Miami

Lately more people have been finding reasons to rent cars besides being on vacation far from home. There is a whole new generation that doesn't even own a car but needs one on an infrequent basis for special events. Plus, there's also a new type of car rental agency that caters to adventure seekers, they rent cars that are exotic, super cars, vintage, muscle cars, sports cars, luxury cars, or huge trucks, just to drive around or show off. Of course, there is also the super special event, like the high school reunion, where you want to show everyone how well you've done, and your '72 Ford Pinto Wagon is in the shop.

There is no faster way to locate the car you need, in the location you need it, than the internet. If you're in New York and traveling to Florida, you can search for a Mini Cooper rental in Miami and find plenty of rental agencies. They have all of their requirements posted so you can see how easy or hard it's going to be.

In most cases, you'll need to be at least 21 to rent a car, and have a valid drivers license with a clean driving record, most of them will check with DMV too. If you have full coverage car insurance, most likely it will be able to cover any rental car for any value. But, you should always check with your agent to make sure before you make a long trip and find out otherwise.

Most of the different rental outlets will have their cars, with photos, posted online so you can see what's offered. If you have your heart set on a particular car in a special color, you should make a reservation on it because there may only be one, or two, available. Some cars get rented out nearly every week, especially on the weekends. You'll also find that most specialty cars will have a minimum of two days on the weekends since they are so popular on those days.

The car business is very good at delivering their products to homes, businesses, hotels and airports in order to be accommodating. Most of the time the service is free, and they almost always require the actual person renting the car to be present to accept the keys and sign the papers. This cuts down on fraud, theft, and other problems in the industry.

If you can't give them about a 3 hour window to deliver the car they may charge you an extra fee. This is because they save money by scheduling their deliveries the most efficient and profitable way possible. You should always take a walk around the rental and inspect it to make sure there are no small dings, dents, or blemishes, you could get charged for their repair when you turn the car back in.

If you want to hire a Mini Cooper in Miami it is probably well within your reach, so take the time to check out the facts online, then make the call. The rental agents are all very helpful and will do their utmost to make your car rental adventure an epic tale to remember.

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