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Rent a Range Rover in New York City

Almost everyone is familiar with the New York we see everyday on television and the movies. It is an asphalt jungle that is filled with angry drivers and bumper to bumper traffic. If you are planning to visit the city, you may not be so inclined to rent a car to explore the city. However, public transportation can be difficult and expensive. In addition, you may not be able to fully explore the city if you are left to rely on the transit system. Let's take a look at why you might want to hire a Range Rover in New York.

There is plenty to do in the city, but what if you want to get out and explore the beaten path. Do you know of any buses that are going to take you to Chautauqua Lake? More than likely not, and if you thought about heading there by taxi, your wallet is going to go into shock! That is why you want to hire a luxury car as there are many areas off the beaten path that you can fully explore.

If you are wanting to fully explore the rustic charm that this place has to offer, head to upstate, which is free of all metropolitan influences. As you travel up I-86 you will come to Chautauqua Lake. This is a gorgeous area that children and adults will both enjoy. There is 41 miles of crystal clear waters that are perfect for an afternoon swim or a lazy day of fishing. You may even be lucky enough to catch a concert under the stars or have fun during the Celtic  festival. And I don't have to tell you that the roads around this area are prime to take your rental into overdrive and fully explore the area.

Another area that is prime when renting a Range Rover in New York is the Allegany State Park. This 65,000-acre park is bustling with off road trails and wildlife. Take the time to fully explore it in the comfort of your automobile and you just might witness a pair of black bears fishing at a creek. You will be glad you have the power and security of your Rover at that time. However, you can sit back and enjoy this display of nature in perfect safety. You may even forget that the world is waiting just outside the perimeter of this majestic park!

If you are truly looking to get away from it all in NYC, take a drive up to Hunter Moutain. This is about a two-hour drive from LaGuardia Airport, but it is well worth it. These are roads and trails that are designed to give your vehicle a true workout. If you have lived in the city all of your life, you are going to really appreciate the beauty that surrounds Hunter Mountains. There are always ongoing activities in this area that are sure to delight everyone in the family as well!

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