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Rent a Pagani in United States

Do you want to make the most out of your USA trip? Why don't you take a spin around the beautiful cities of the country using a Pagani? It is an Italian supercar that is designed to perfection. At Apex Luxury Car Hire, we offer you the best rates if you want to rent a Pagani in the USA. If you haven't been to the United States of America, your first trip must include a road trip to the country's most amazing cities. You do not have to worry because each city has their unique attractions that make them different from others. Go ahead and give us a call to book your Pagani rental in the USA and get to know this beautiful country while driving one of the finest supercars in the market.

If you love BBQ, Kansas City must be on your itinerary. You can find the world's best barbecue in downtown Kansas. There are also historical and cultural sites and monuments in this city. For entertainment and art lovers, the city also has a jazz museum, baseball museum, and a lot more that makes people come back. Portland should be your next stop if you are a fan of food trucks, cocktail lounges, craft beers, and bars. If you are not fond of the nightlife, the city also houses parks, art museums, and hike on its beautiful mountains.

Summer would be the best time to visit Portland where the weather is fantastic for events and festivals. One of the fastest growing cities in the US is Nashville. If you love the country music, you must include this place on your itinerary because of its beautiful music scene. There are a few tourist attractions in Nashville, but the music is what makes the people come back. You can find a lot of happy and intensely friendly people in Nashville and their positive energy the city seems to exude.

Take full advantage of our latest and well-maintained units which include the Huayra and Zonda. The Huayra was named after a Quechua wind god, Huayra-tata. It has a 5980 cc Mercedes AMG bi-turbo V12 engine with a 7-speed sequential transmission. Zonda, on the other hand, is powered by an M120 AMG V12 engine that comes in 3 transmission variants, the five-speed manual, six-speed manual, and six-speed sequential.

At Apex Luxury Car Hire, we have a group of professionals that keeps our cars well-maintained to ensure its excellent performance and your security as well. You can make the most out of your vacation if you hire your vehicle while roaming around the country. You will save a lot of energy, time, and money by availing our rental services. Your time is in your hands when you drive around the country when you hire a Pagani in the USA. Your driving experience is important to us. Visit our website or call our hotline to talk to one of our rental specialists to know more about our rental process and requirements.

You deserve to pamper yourself a bit, so travel like a superstar and book one of our amazing vehicles today. If you
would like more information about us, our fleet or our services please don’t hesitate to ask.