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Rent a Bentley in Italy

The popularity associated with Italy in regards to the one of the best tourist destinations in the world means that many of the venues are very crowded. Venice, Florence and Rome are some of the more popular cities and if you have not planned ahead the crowds could slow down your touring and interfere with your vacation experience.

One of the cities to consider in your rent a Bentley in Italy would be Venice. This an extremely unique city that was built in the center of a lagoon built on top of water. This is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Italy. In the middle of the city you will find Piazza San Marco that features the magnificent church known by the name Saint Mark's Basilica. You will also find a variety of museums, churches and palaces to discover.

Florence is another popular city that features a variety of art centers and Renaissance architecture. You will find a variety of outstanding museums that are home to many famous sculptures and paintings. Consider including a visit to Milan which is city well-known for stylish restaurants, galleries and shops. This city is rich in cultural and artistic heritage. One of the top attractions in Milan would have to be the La Scala which is a world famous opera house.

You can hire a Bentley in Italy as a long-term rental, a romantic weekend, a long awaited exclusive wedding or a business trip and experience the passion that many Italians have when it comes to driving the epitome of luxury. This country is well-known for its breathtaking landscapes, fashion, history, wine, food and art and you can easily explore this truly captivating country in a car like this.

When choosing this brand as your rental option there is a few models to choose from. One of these would be the Continental Supersport. This car offers you the ultimate when it comes to extreme performance along with handcrafted unrivaled luxury combined with every-day practicality. If you are in search of a sportier model the Continental GTC is a car that offers you with the extreme power of those speedy supersport cars along with superiority of a convertible GT. Another popular choice would be the Continental GT which is a beautiful grand-touring coupe that combines both beauty and power. The Mulsanne is another rental option that offers the ultimate refinement and performance.

This brand is associated with the official statement that it is "dedicated to developing and crafting the world's most desirable high performance cars." A Bentley rental in Italy is recognizable from anywhere with its distinguished and unmistakable twin headlights, high waistline and matrix grill. When renting one of these cars you will soon understand why each car was hand-built in association to the ultimate care. Driving one of these cars is a popular rental choice because they offer comfort, speed, power, elegance, sophistication and grace.

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