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The Best Luxury Cars To Rent In Venice

Luxury car hire Venice is a sublime way to see this city of dreams. Venice is a wonder to gaze upon and is one of the must see cities in Europe if not the world. A city built on 118 small islands separated by canals and joined together by bridges. Built in the marshes of the Venetian Lagoon, it's placed between the rivers Po and Piave. It's architecture and the general beauty of its setting is just beautiful. The name Venice comes from the Veneti people who lived in the region since 1000 years BC. It has many names like 'City of Masks/ Canals/ Water/ Bridges' and 'The Floating City'. It has been seen as one of the most beautiful cities ever built and a place of romance as well.

In the middle-ages Venice was a major maritime power and acted as a staging area for the Crusades. It had also very strong trade routes that controlled a huge sea and trade empire; this lasted for over 400 years. Venice became very important in the Renaissance period and later when it became a centre for the Grand Tour. Some outstanding features are St Mark's Basilica, The Grand Canal and the Piazza San Marco. Hire a luxury car Venice, to see all these astounding historical sites and hidden treasures at your own pace.

Venice has many different architectural styles, with the Gothic style being dominant. The Venetian style is the use of the Gothic arch mixed with Byzantine, Ottoman and Moorish Spanish architecture. Fine examples of this are the Doge's Palace and the Ca'd'Oro. Two of the most famous writers in the world have come from Venice. Marco Polo who was the first European to travel to China and Japan and wrote extensively about these lands and Russia. Giacomo Casanova was also an adventurer but spent his time mainly in the bedroom. Due to its beauty Venice has also inspired writers from afar, with Shakespeare setting Othello and The Merchant of Venice in this city. Partake in luxury car rental Venice and experience the sheer beauty of this wonderful city.

In art the city inspired a distinct style called the Venetian School with none other than Girogione and Titian who went on to dominate and influence the Renaissance period with its convincing portrayals of everyday life. Painting canvases also had their origins in Venice. By 1500, Venice had become a hive of printing, with 417 printers. Thanks to the Venetians modern punctuation, page format and italics were all introduced, along with the first work of Aristotle. By 1700, Venetian painting came back into vogue due to the popularity of the baroque style with painters like Tiepolo, Canaletto and Guardi.

The oldest film festival in the world is the Venice Film Festival. Established in 1932 it has become one of the world’s most important festivals since. Venice is also famous for its coloured and ornate glass-work, the most famed being Murano glass. Rent a luxury car Venice as it is easily the best way to experience everything Venice has to offer. Contact Apex today for a quote on the luxury car rental you require.

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