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The Best Luxury Cars To Rent In Potenza

Luxury car rental Potenza is the finest way to see the city. Potenza has the claim to fame of being the highest regional capital and one of the highest provincial ones in Italy. It overlooks the Basento River and is surrounded by the Apennine Mountains.

In its early history Potenza was a thorn in the side of Rome, and often sided with Rome’s enemies. On several occasions the city rose against Rome only for it finally succumb once the Carthaginians had finally been defeated at the Battle of the Mataurus. When the Roman Empire fell, Potenza swapped rulers with regularity in the following centuries. In the middle ages, the city became part of Lombardy and during this time Potenza had to defend against the invading Saracens until the Normans conquered the south of Italy in the 10th century.

In the 12th century it became an episcopal see and a staging post for a failed attack on the Normans to the south. It then became loyal to the Hapsburg Empire and Emperor Frederick II but because of this it was reduced to rubble when Charles I of France took over the Kingdom of Sicily.

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Luxury car hire Potenza is the easiest way to experience and see all this history and culture for yourself. True to form Neapolitan Republic was declared in 1799, which was against French control, Potenza rebelled once more. It was reconquered in 1806 by the French once more. But Potenza then rebelled again in 1848 and for the final time in 1860 when Garibaldi unified Italy. Places to see are the Cathedral of San Gerardo, which still contains the rose window and apse of the 12th century, build. The church of San Francesco has a portal and bell tower dating back to the 1400's.

It also has a sepulchre and Byzantine Madonna from the 1200's. The Torre Guevara is the last part of the old castle, and there are 3 gates of the old city walls still standing called the Porta S Giovanni, S Luca and S Gerardo. There are also ruins of a Roman villa in the city.

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