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The Best Luxury Cars To Rent In Catanzaro

Luxury car rental Catanzaro is an excellent way to see the city. Catanzaro has another name 'the city of the two seas.' The city has been active since the Iron Ages, with the populations of Vitulo, who worshipped the statue of a calf. The Greeks then named the city Italoi meaning 'worshippers of the calf', and the city was governed by a famous Italian king also named Italoi, who was brother of Dardanus and ancestor to Troy. Italy gets its name from this king.

It is an important tourist attraction in the summer, especially for the young. To many Catanzaro is called the City of the three V's. The V's being, San Vitaliano the patron saint, velvet which has dominated trade since the Byzantine era, and 'vento' meaning wind, from the strong breezes from the Ionian Sea. The 'VVV' was a symbol of the silk industry and stood for the finest quality in silks, velvets and brocades made in the city. It has a strange geography as it gets wet from the sea but it can also get a snowy winter. It has a typical Mediterranean climate but has high winds in the spring and autumn; these winds are called the 'Scirocco libeccio'. Over a 30 year average Catanzaro's coldest temperature is around 8.9 C (48 F) and it's hottest temperature is around 24.5C (76 F) in August. The annual rainfall is about 39 inches (1,000 mm) and it rains for 87 days on average, it has a long summer.

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Try out luxury car hire Catanzaro and see for yourself it's amazing history in true style. Catanzaro is a perfect place to make landfall with its safe harbour and high location. This is why the Saracens, Normans and Venetians all took turns in controlling it. A Norman castle can still be seen today which was originally built in 1069 and in this Norman era, arts and crafts were encouraged and silk was traded with regions in Italy and Eastern Europe.

Legend says that none other than Ulysses created the city of Skilletion here at the mouth of the river.

A Greek necropolis from 500 BC has been uncovered in the area as has an ancient Roman Settlement. The Catanzaro Bridge is a one arch bridge and one of the tallest in Europe.

The Duomo Cathedral was built on a Norman Cathedral and then gained a Renaissance Rebuild until it was destroyed in 1638. It was rebuilt only to be destroyed in WW2 in 1943 and then rebuilt again. Check out the 2 gates which are the remains of a medieval wall that was demolished in 1805.
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