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Rent an Audi in Bologna

Have you been thinking of taking a trip to Bologna, Italy? You know it is a gorgeous location, but you just wanted to do something that would make it that much more special. When you come to this point in your vacation planning, you want to begin considering the option of renting a car to make your trip more convenient and a lot more fun! One issue that many people find when traveling abroad is the situation with public transportation.

It is usually non-existent or too difficult to understand. If you are looking for one of the best ways to explore the area, you should hire an Audi in Bologna. You will be able to see the vast number of sights and attractions on your own terms and have a much more enjoyable time. If you have never been to this gorgeous city before, you just need to follow our simple guide below to find the best attraction while driving around in your Audi rental.

While there are many locations and stops throughout the city of Bologna, the first one your list of destinations should be Basilica - Santuario di Santo Stefano. This is a simply stunning church that will remain with you years after you have left the city. This is a perfect location for those who are fond of medieval history or just have a love of gorgeous architecture. This is a complex structure one would almost compare to a complicated labyrinth! It is worth the visit and you should schedule at least a few hours to fully enjoy the structure and surrounding area.

No vacation should be without at least one destination where you can truly stop the world and get off for a few hours. If you love those quiet destinations, the best area to visit would be Piazza Maggiore. Here you can find a small nook in the early morning and enjoy some coffee and breakfast and simply watch the locals. As the day continues, simply wander the streets and experience all the small shops and eat as much as you can, because the food is incredible!

More than likely you are hoping to get a few incredible pictures to upload to your social media accounts and Torri degli Asinelli e Garisenda is the perfect location to do so. You will more than likely see these two towers as you navigate around town several times. However, they are truly appreciated once you climb the small wooden steps and make your way to the ultimate spot for a selfie!

This city is a wondrous and magical area. Do not settle for second less on what could be a spectacular vacation. Instead, Rent an Audi in Bologna for a vacation that you will remember for all time. This is a special car that allows you to feel power and luxury as you drive these gorgeous streets. If you are ready to make your way to the city, call us first for the best Audi rental in Bologna.

You deserve to pamper yourself a bit, so travel like a superstar and book one of our amazing vehicles today. If you
would like more information about us, our fleet or our services please don’t hesitate to ask.