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Rent a BMW in Bologna

Can you imagine how it would feel being able to drive through an exotic location in a BMW? There are far too many people who just wonder and never try. If you are planning a trip to the gorgeous city of Bologna, Italy, you need to have an exceptional car. There is no better luxury ride than this one to help make your vacation spectacular. Do you really want to go on the vacation of a lifetime only to have to stick to the timetable of a bus or pay outrageous fares for a taxi?

Of course, it would be much more fun and convenient to have a beautiful luxury vehicle at your disposal during your stay in this city. If you have read anything about Italy, you already know just how much there is to do. We are going to show you exactly why you would want to hire a BMW in Bologna. If you are not sure where to begin, we are going to help you have the perfect day in Your BMW.

One of the first areas you will want to drive to in Bologna is the Piazza Maggiore. This is a perfect area to simply watch the locals come and go during their early morning activities before work. It is especially good to grab a hot cup of coffee, sit back under a tree and do some serious people-watching. Of course, once the crowds begin to thin out, you will want to take your time and browse the shop and pick up a few snacks.

After you have toured the plaza, you will want to make your way over to Torri degli Asinelli e Garisenda. These two towers are hard to miss and are a perfect way to see all of the city at one time. The best time to visit is right after lunch when everyone is a tad bit too tired to walk up the 400-plus wooden stairs. You will have great access to the towers and not have to fight the large crowds that usually surround this popular attraction.

After a bird's eye view of the city, you want to get up close and personal with a stop at Basilica - Santuario di Santo Stefano. Here you will be able to immerse yourself in buildings that over 600 years old. This is the perfect location for a history buff or simply those that love anything about the medieval era. The entire location is an absolute must if you want to be transported to another time, even if it is a tad bit spooky with many chants being heard in the background.

As you can see, these are just a few of the top destinations you can visit. However, the city holds much more history and charm. When you rent a BMW in Bologna, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to see and do everything that is of interest to you. And isn't that how a vacation should be? If you would like to take the reins on your next vacation, give us a call and let us find the perfect BMW rental in Bologna.

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