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Rent an Aston Martin in Florence

Florence is said to be the city of Renaissance, full of love, amiability, enthusiasm and zeal. It is undoubtedly a great amalgamation of historical monuments, pristine architecture, wonderful works of art and most significantly the birthplace of renowned political and inspired visionaries who have brought about a change in the entire world.

Proudly known as the Athens of the Middle Ages, it is the well known capital city of the beautiful Italian region of Tuscany. Niche to about 382,000 inhabitants and expanding to more than 1,520,000, it is a vivacious metropolis in the enormous realms of Italy.

What makes this a great holiday destination?

  • To acknowledge you with some of best and most suitable reasons to visit the city of architectural treasures, firstly we would like to tell you that it is one of those extraordinary cities across the entire globe whose entire historical and legendary center is considered to be a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • It offers you some of the most innovative things to see and do! The prestigious cradle of the Renaissance is famous for its wonderful museums, amazing churches, immaculate monuments, palazzos and much more to add to the list. To explore the glory of these legacies, an Aston Martin rental Florence would be the best possible solution.
  • For shopping enthusiasts, here comes great news! This marvelous city is one of the most preferred shopping destinations in the glorified country of Italy. From antique stores to luxury boutiques, and from luscious food markets to craftsmen shops, you will find it all.
  • How can we skip the great food? Delicious food to enrapture your taste buds and excellent wine is easily accessible. Take a pick of any tratorria, enoteca at the sparkling streets or a well known restaurant that seems alluring to you and you are unquestionably going to indulge into a fine meal.
  • From luxury hotels to holiday homes, you will easily locate it all in this engaging city. It is a beautifying essence of luxury with the encompassments of numerous 5 star hotels, villas, holiday apartments and much more.

Making a blend of lavishness and historical legacies along with culinary delights, the city awaits your presence with a lively heart! To discover the city with style and elegance, rent an Aston Martin in Florence from Apex Luxury Car Hire and create unforgettable memories with your beloved ones. If you are a keen traveler, you must be aware of the fact that traveling via foot is not always a good idea to explore the city. Thus, one of the best options to opt for is an Aston Martin rental Florence as a luxury car will not only flaunt your individual sense of style but also ensure great amount of comfort.

Features of this brand:

  • Surprising the world with incredible world records, this car has not only won races but also the hearts of many luxury car freaks. The DB4 version of Aston Martin made a benchmark and created a sensation on its very first appearance.
  • Encompassing a 4 liter all aluminum models, along with a five speed transmission and three SU carburettors which are believed to provision the machine with an astonishing top speed of 145 mph, Aston Martin is undoubtedly close to perfection.
  • Rent an Aston Martin in Florence and experience both comfort and revolutionary style in the précised engineering works of the deluxe car. Both the exteriors and the interiors are carefully designed to optimize the level of your drive to the pinnacle of its potential.

You deserve to pamper yourself a bit, so travel like a superstar and book one of our amazing vehicles today. If you
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