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Rent a Bugatti in Florence

Florence is an exquisite city placed in the realms of Italy, truly symbolizing the embodiment of enriched excellent artistic designs and incredible legacies. The sparkling narrow streets of the city evokes a thousand engaging tales and the food and wine is appealing enough to attract the tourists from all across the globe. Giving birth to the famous fashion brands such as Gucci and Roberto Cavalli, this absorbing city will offer you things beyond your expectations and imagination.

Even if you return a second time, you will not be able to resist yourself from exploring the splendid architectural treasures of the city. You are bound to fall for the spell of this phenomenal city, which has a lot to offer as an ardent tourist. To add to the clinch, you can indulge into the glowing yearly festivities which will bring alive of spirit of vigor, enthusiasm, positivity and zest. The lively beats of the exuberant nightlife will enthrall you all over and let your feet roll all over the dance floor.

  • Exclusive designs of exterior: - Carrying a powerful legacy of sport cars, Bugatti is equipped with great engineering works from the development, designing, manufacture and construction of the car. A pristine and progressive design edge and stylish batch makes it a treat to the eyes.
  • Distinguished interiors: - Splendid and smooth interiors that ensure great comfort along with grace, this luxury car is a dream come true for avid tourists. A Bugatti rental Florence will undoubtedly magnify their view and let them arrive in style in either business meetings or pleasure trips.
  • Car specifications: - Reaching out to a 1000 BHP, and an amazing feature of 0 to 62 in just 2.5 seconds, it carries a top speed potential and that is 253 mph. This luxury car is here to give you an unforgettable ride with supreme quality.
  • Safe yet stylish: - Offering the traveler a safe ride without compromising on the factors of style, this brand is in fashion especially among the sport car freaks and vivacious tourists. It holds the credit of being one of the most elegant yet stylish cars on the road giving the due amount of attention to the aspects of safety.
  • Numerous models: - Rent a Bugatti in Florence to relish into an experience of a lifetime with your family or colleagues. Most importantly, Apex luxury car hire services brings along various stated models including Grand sport, Veyron, Super sport, Vetesse, and other adorned vintage models.

So, without giving a second thought, opt for a Bugatti rental Florence and travel in style in your most favorite travel destinations such as shopping giants, restaurants, museums, art galleries, etc. Share the enchantment of the magnetic charisma of this wonderful city with your beloved ones by having a Bugatti along your side!

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