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Rent a Hummer in Florence

Staggering cityscapes of Florence are truly majestic with intricately carved structures that get back to the middle Ages and the gardens that entail the greenery in its truest form. Nothing can be left untouched when you have decided this city to be your dream destination for the present year.

Where the architectural grandiose unfolds!

A 14th century work, Campanile remains a destination that is truly revered for its carvings with the gothic facades depicting all the life forms in the statues carved on the walls. Museums of the city are a must watch and in the list comes Museo delle Capelle Medicee that is built in marble, granite, and few works of the illustrated artist, Michelangelo. Museo Novecento houses the famous art museum of 13th century that has famous Italian paintings and the premise also serves as a destination for fashion shows.

The grandest of them all is Duomo, that is a chapel and has the original work called Porta Del Paradiso, which literally refers to gates of paradise. Michelangelo’s work La Pietà that he designed to be placed on his own tomb and painted it when he was almost 80 is also placed here. To have a close meet with the religious abode, you can visit Basilica di Santo Spirito that includes some of the most famous artworks of that century.

Where nature dawns!

Florence is a place to find compact gardens that encompass the glory of nature in its real form. The Boboli gardens of 16th century have a rose garden via which you can see the beautiful countryside of the city and the sculptures here are truly lively.

Torrigiani gardens are privately owned and have a historic center that is one of its own kinds in the whole of Europe. The ambience of this place is very soulful and has an authenticity attached with the villas and the oasis built at the pinnacle of the Middle Age times that has an aura of its own. To capture the scenic beauty that lies everywhere, you can rent a Hummer in Florence to imprison the sights in your cognizance.

Hiring of a luxury car in the first place means that convenience gets defined as you can choose a fashion statement car to drive down the streets of a city like this. The majestic fervor remains upfront with the amalgamation of the modernity and middle age trends that have not yet gone stale with the present times.

Though public transports can be availed but being a stylish and better option you should pick a Hummer for sure. The vehicle has earned rave reviews for being adjustable with virtually all its features that incorporate a removable fold-flat back seat and a mid-gate that makes its ultra-spacious on requirement. It is a remarkable feature of the car that makes it truly desired by numerous tourists who visit the city is that it can be customized from the interior front as per your own choice. So, if you undertake a bit longer journey, Hummer rental Florence is a perfect pick for the journey that can ignite a reverence for middle age times.

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