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Rent a Pagani in Florence

The new age of Renaissance dwells in nowhere but here in Florence! The land of sparkling Italy is a niche to a myriad of heart connecting places that has tranquility intensified to them. The sun smiles at your presence when you step in the realms of it’s streets that feature majestic architectural treasures waiting to be unveiled. The city has enumerate pleasurable destinations that are magnificent to the most vast core and one flawless architectural giant that stands apart is the Piazza del Duomo which is undoubtedly going to be a treat to your eyes.

What is so unique about it?

Framed as the cradle of Renaissance, it attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. It holds the glory of giving rise to some of the noble and greatest minds such as Donatello, St. Philip Neri and not to forget the enduring and exquisite personality of the Nightingale. Imitating the artistic culture and heritage of the medieval times, this place gives you a multitude of reasons to get embraced by its wide arms.

Some of the great portrayals of the royal family are accommodated in the crest of the Renaissance art, which finds a vital place in the Uffizi art gallery. Some great and charming landscapes, surrounded by picturesque mountains, rolling hills and the sun kissed coasts by the rhythmic sea wind awaits your entwinement eagerly.

To explore the landmarks that have unquestionably set a benchmark for many others, you will need a defined means of transportation. What better than a luxury car? Rent a Pagani in Florence from Apex Luxury Car Hire to travel around the exotic locales of the city in style yet endowing sheer elegance.

Florence is a Historic Mecca with its timeless precisions of historical wonders and glorified artworks! To experience the magnetic spell and fall in love with the beauty of the Athens of Italy, one of the best solutions is a Pagani rental Florence. We will unquestionably make your journey with your co-travelers an unforgettable affair.

Now, if you are thinking, why a Pagani? Well, we give you several reasons to take a pick of this deluxe car as your style partner in the sparkling streets of this marvelous city.

  • Admirable high quality craftsmanship: - Making its prominent debut in the year 2000, the creative sports car which came as a 2 seater Berlinetta or 2 seater Roadster displaying supreme examples of exceptional and admirable carbon craftsmanship. Giving a tough competition to other luxury cars in the league, this prestigious brand will give you a ride of pleasure, speed and excellent performance.
  • Stylish yet elegant exteriors: - A carbon fiber construction with detailed engineering works that blends the sophistication of meticulous aluminum sub frames along with the curvaceous sloping bonnet to give rise to this superior racing car. Therefore, a Pagani rental Florence will not disappoint you at all during your most awaited voyage in the urge to solve the mystery of the timelessly beautiful city.
  • Comfy and delicate interiors: - Giving homage to comfort, the ergonomic bucket seats encompassing the seat belts give rise to ample amount of legroom along with précised headroom. With a flat bottom, the steering has been embedded luxuriously in fine leather. Redefining the arts of great designing, the pedals placed below mount up similar to the flower stalks.

You deserve to pamper yourself a bit, so travel like a superstar and book one of our amazing vehicles today. If you
would like more information about us, our fleet or our services please don’t hesitate to ask.