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Rent an Aston Martin in Genoa

On your next trip to Northern Italy, why not consider an Aston Martin rental in Genoa and discover this historical-port city that is bursting with charm. Some of the sights that are popular tourist attractions include fascinating museums and stunning coastal views. Some of the must-sees include the fantastic Basilica of Santa Maria di Castello or the majestic palaces in the Palazzi dei Rolli. Other delights associated with this city include the scenic Old Town along with the outstanding architecture that can be viewed at the Via Garibaldi. You can also truly experience the beautiful main street if you hire an Aston Martin in Genoa ,or spend lazy afternoons taking in the stunning sea views always on offer.

There are a variety of attractions that you can tick off on your to-do-list in Genoa. This can include finding out about the history of this city when you visit the Royal Palace Museum or some of the fabulous art on display at the Palazzo Spinola National Gallery. Make sure you also stop by the Genoa Aquarium with a chance to really get up close to a few of the most stunning creatures under the sea. With the artistic churches, terracotta-roofed pastel-colored houses and beautiful seaside villas along with numerous luxurious boutiques, this city is a definite must if you are in search of a way to experience “quintessential” Italy.

Born into England, this brand produces cars that places an equal emphasis on discrete British elegance and high-thrill performance. The line up of these cars may be small but is incredibly specialized meaning you will only find the sports cars on the Aston Martin lists. However, this particular brand has managed to make a fantastic name-for-itself and is known across the globe as the purveyor of road-hugging, top-of-the-line and sleek machinery.

To begin with, these cars were known mainly in the racing circles. By the era of the 1920’s this brand made its appearance for the first time overseas and was a participant in the French Grand Prix. Post-war years experienced a change of hands again and the brand was sold to David Brown who was an industrialist who owned a tractor company. The recent models now on offer if you rent an Aston Martin in Genoa, include the exotic DBS which is a far more muscular looking version when compared to the DB9, the four-seat, four-door Rapide, the Virage which falls in between the DBS and the DB9 and two ultra-low sports production cars known as the V12 Zagato along with the ultra luxurious One-77.

When deciding to rent one of these beauties you are fully aware of the fact that the current Aston Martin line-ups include some of the most desirable vehicles across the globe. If you decide to rent the Vantage, this extremely exciting car features 380 horsepower, and the 4.3 liter Alloy V8 that is able to propel this car to about 60mph in just under 5.1 seconds. The top speed of these sports cars is 175 mph and the near perfect 49/51 weight distribution and independent suspension optimizes the handling of this car beautifully.

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