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Rent a Bugatti in Genoa

Are you getting ready for your trip to Genoa? Don’t forget to call us at Apex Luxury Car Hire to rent a Bugatti in Genoa. With a luxury car in your hands as you cruise around the city, you will surely have a memorable time with your friends and family. This city is the sixth largest city in Italy. It is also the country’s biggest seaport. With a rich cultural history, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the city holds several events to celebrate their art, music, and cuisine. In fact, it has been named the European Capital of Culture in 2004. It’s also the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, Giuseppe Mazzini, and Niccolò Paganini.

Even though this city isn’t as popular as other Italian cities, it still attracts a great number of tourists each year. One of the primary reasons for this is the impressive landmarks found all over the city. This has earned it the nickname La Superba, or “The Proud One.” In 2006, this city’s old town has been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Several palaces can also be found here. Doge’s Palace is among the most popular, which served as the seat of the oligarchic republic government. Other notable palaces include the Palace of Saint George and the Royal Palace.

Your vacation wouldn’t be complete without taking a trip to the world renowned historic center. It is famed for its maze of narrow alleys called caruggi. Ask any local and they will say that the fastest way to go about the city is by car. For this reason, it is a good idea to use car rental services to make your trip as convenient as possible. And this is exactly what we offer at Apex Luxury Car Hire. We strive to enrich the experience of our clients, giving them the highest quality car rental at very affordable rates.

A gorgeous city such as Genoa is best navigated with a luxury vehicle. It’s not every day that you get to drive the car of your dreams. Consider our Bugatti rental in Genoa and have the most luxurious vacation ever. If you want to add some thrill to your trip, then a Bugatti can give you just that. These luxury automobiles have a distinct character, setting them apart from all other vehicles on the road. Even if you put it side-by-side with another sports car, you can guarantee that these cars will catch anyone’s attention.

More importantly, the brand delivers in terms of performance. You will surely have a great time revving up the engine and hearing it roar as you explore the different corners of this beautiful city. At Apex Luxury Car Hire, the models you can rent include the Veyron, Super Sport, Vitesse, and Grand Sport. We also have other vintage models, so don’t hesitate to ask for the model you want if it isn’t included in the list. If you really want to enjoy the city at its finest, then be sure to hire a Bugatti in Genoa.

You deserve to pamper yourself a bit, so travel like a superstar and book one of our amazing vehicles today. If you
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