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Rent a Fiat in Genoa

Genoa could just as well be called mangia, because of all of the restaurants in the port town. It has held on tightly to the many favorite shops and eateries for hundreds of years. It is part of the charm and of course the fabric of this historic place whose claim to antiquity throw back thousands of years. It is known for other history too. The Via Garibaldi is a strip of road known for its line of extravagant homes. There are no words to do the architecture or priceless decor justice within the walls of the homes.

The aquarium is a unique sight for those looking to watch the sea-faring wildlife more than eating them. Interestingly enough its structure is meant to resemble a building similar to a ship. It is one of the more modern sights and recent additions to the city's landscape for sight-seers. The older sights will have you visiting museums, including natural history museum: Museo Civico di Storia Naturale Giacomo Doria. There, you may take in the many specimens of wildlife collected over centuries by curators. Many tourists suggest saving a visit to the museum for a rainy day, if you have to choose.

Of course, to really get a feel for Genoa, you must see frescoes. Frescoes entail watercolor painted onto wet plaster. Palazzo San Giorgio features tremendous frescoes along its exterior walls. The interior is simply maybe one of the most breathtaking examples of Medieval architecture in existence. While it plays the role of port authority for this city today, at one time it held Marco Polo prisoner. Among the many basilicas, churches, and the cathedral, visit San Matteo, which is part church and part museum. It was at one time the Doria family's private chapel, and renovated several times over its 800 year existence.

Though, to take in the lighthouse in its full glory, you need to understand more of its seafaring history and significance. Along the same lines, in full Italian fashion, there is another unique, but important stopping point -- the ethnographic museum. Museo di Genova houses the ethnographic history within Castello d'Albertis. Just as well, more frescoes are in order, as can be viewed in nearly any historical architecture in the city. Take in Palazzo Reale for one, along with renowned Cathedral. The interior's fresco paintings are sure to delight and leave you partly locked (happily) in a vacation mindset forever once you leave Italy.

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