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Rent a Ford in Genoa

If you are trying to pick a rental car that won’t let you down during your stay in Genoa, then going for this brand is always a smart choice. In many cases, choosing to rent a Ford in Genoa is the best option for anybody who is looking for good performance, solid reliability, and overall comfort for both driver and passenger. In this guide, we’re going to show you some of the things you’ll want to see during your visit to Italy, and we will also show you the top luxury models currently on the market and available for rental – so let’s take a look.

First of all, Genoa is well known for its rich history and architecture, so it’s a great place to explore if you are interested in the baroque period and 16th-century styles of architecture in particular. One of the best highlights has to be the lighthouse on the coast, along with the many palaces and churches that have some incredible artwork on display. Of course, the city itself has a variety of different arts on offer, so whether you are intrigued by the visual arts of the Baroque artists, some of the finest literature ever to come from Italy, or even some of the delightful music and operas, there’s no denying that this rich city is a wonderful place to explore if you’re interested in delighting all of your senses.

For people who love sport, you will be pleased to learn that there are two major football teams in this city, and catching a game will definitely be a memorable event if you have the opportunity to do so. Next, let’s take a closer look at some of the different car models that you may wish to drive during your stay. To begin with, the Focus has to be one of the most popular and well-designed vehicles ever made by Ford in recent times, so if you’re looking for a sporty, reliable car, then this is a great pick.

The car offers you excellent handling and performance thanks to the electric power steering and smooth response, along with impeccable fuel economy – often giving you a fuel consumption of up to 70 mpg, making it a very affordable option for those a tight budget. Another excellent option is the Galaxy, which is a spacious MPV vehicle that gives you all of the space you will need to take several passengers with you. In fact, the vehicle is a generous seven-seater that’s ideal for exploring the city with your friends and family.

Despite its size, a Ford rental in Genoa is surprisingly cost-effective, giving you fuel consumption of around 40 mpg, and it comes with extensive features such as electric windows, Bluetooth, climate control, and more. Overall, choosing to hire a Ford in Genoa is the wise and informed choice for anybody who is searching for a high quality, reliable vehicle to get them from A to B without any trouble. These vehicles are a wonderful option for anybody who is looking to enjoy the thrills and fun that you can find in Italy.

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