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Rent a Jeep in Genoa

Can’t wait for your trip to Genoa? Before you get too excited, don’t forget to phone us at Apex Luxury Car Hire and rent a Jeep in Genoa. A luxury car proves to be just what you need to indulge yourself in this once-in-a-lifetime trip to Italy’s largest seaport city. While Venice, Milan, Rome, and Florence are the most admired cities in Italy, Genoa can make a case for the best tourist attraction in the country. Described as “La Superba,” meaning “The Proud One,” this city always succeeds in delivering a great impression upon its visitors.

This is made possible by the number of impressive landmarks highlighted by prestigious palaces seen all around the city. The city has been named the European Capital of Culture back in 2004. Indeed, the city knows how to celebrate its rich history in culture, art, music, and cuisine. If you want to learn more about the glorious past of the city, then you should take the time to visit its several museums. The most prominent ones include Museum of Saint Augustine, the Cathedral Museum, Luxoro Museum, Museum at the Prince’s Palace, and the National Ligurian Gallery.

The magnificent palaces are also one of the highlights of your trip. Make your way to New Streets and find yourself in complete amazement of the number of beautiful palaces lining the alleys. These served as the dwellings of the city’s wealthiest families. Today, most of them house art museums where you can find some of the most historic and valuable art pieces in the world. If you need a car to move around the city, then this brand can be the right solution for you. This luxury car brand is the epitome of adventure and freedom. And given the unique history of the brand, it’s only fitting to drive a Jeep in this wonderful and ancient Italian city.

The brand rose to prominence during the Second World War. No other vehicle came close to the respect and affection earned by the World War II Jeep. Being small and compact, this vehicle provided several advantages to the army. These vehicles were easily transported through several means. They were floated across rivers, dropped by parachute, and transported by plane. It isn’t hard to see why this car became the go to four-wheel drive vehicle of the U.S. Army. In 1945, civilian models of the brand were first introduced. And just as expected, they were a huge hit. The popularity of the brand continues to this day.

At Apex Luxury Car Hire, you can have the opportunity to drive a Jeep rental in Genoa, and position yourself behind the wheel of one of the world’s most versatile, powerful, and sturdy vehicles. With Apex Luxury Car Hire, you can hire a Jeep in Genoa by following a few simple steps. Just give us a ring and our staff will lend a helping hand when it comes to selecting the specific model you require. Driving such a reliable car can enhance your travel experience and make your trip to Italy stand out from your past travels.

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