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Rent a Prestige Car in Genoa

Genoa is an incredible city to visit, located in a state of the same name. Historically, even during the time of city-states throughout what is now known as the modern nation of Italy, this city was considered one of the true powerhouses of the mostly peninsula based nation. Modern day, this city combines the history, architecture, and all the modern benefits of a classy European city in order to be a truly unique and incredible experience for residents and visitors alike.

There's no denying that the vehicle being used can make a big difference when it comes to your personal experience. This is where a company like Apex Luxury Car Hire fills the all important niche of making sure to assist visitors when they want to rent a prestige car in Genoa. There are many different high performance vehicles that fall under this general umbrella term of prestige cars, but there's no denying the difference between enjoying the city in a basic rental car or being able to do so from a truly top notch vehicle that gives you plenty of power and handling at your fingertips.

Proloco Maris Boccadasse is an extremely popular destination for locals and visitors alike. Located about forty minutes out from the city, this quiet coastal town is surrounded by fine wine bars, taverns, and restaurants. An easy going pace is the cherry on top and a quick trip to this area will help any visitor fall in love with it. Why not see one of the most popular locations in Genoa in a prestige level car? If you want the full eye view of the beautiful city, then you will want to put Spianata Castelletto at the top of the list right after taking care of your prestige car rental in Genoa through Apex Luxury Car Hire.

A hilly area that looks down over most of the city, the small castles, brick walkways, and combination of 17th Century architecture and neo-Renaissance architecture makes this a unique area to visit that you will want to see. So why go with prestige cars when visiting these two popular points or others like the San Lorenzo Cathedral, the Basilica di Santa Maria di Castello or a wide variety of other important sites. Whether you prefer larger vehicles like the Hummer to get in the full sight lines, or an Aston Martin, Ferrari, or Corvette in order to enjoy the streets by embracing the full power and handling that these cars have to offer.

Some of these older streets can be challenging and because of that you want to make sure you are in a vehicle that makes you comfortable while you are visiting one site or another. When you want to hire a prestige car in Genoa, there's no question that our company can provide the full range of vehicles that meet each and every single one of your specific needs. Whatever you go with, you should get the best vehicles to fully enjoy your experience.

You deserve to pamper yourself a bit, so travel like a superstar and book one of our amazing vehicles today. If you
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