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Rent a Jeep in Italy

If you are ready to take a vacation that you won't forget, then you want to visit Italy. It has so many different things to see and the architecture is stunning. You can see Roman ruins, awe inspiring cathedrals and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. When you rent a Jeep in Italy you will have an easier time seeing everything you want to see.

When you get your rental car you will want to visit Florence. This is the perfect car when you want to drive to this city because it is rugged and comfortable. It can handle the varied terrain of this part of the world and give you a great ride. When you are in Florence, you are going to want to visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. It is massive and takes up most of the skyline of Florence. The cathedral has a stunning dome and you can tour the cathedral as well as climb up to the top for an amazing city view.

Next you can drive out to the coast to visit Cinque Terre. This seaside village is built on cliffs and is extremely picturesque. The cliffs are steep and there are five different villages on the cliffs which you have to travel by one narrow road or just walk. If you really want to enjoy the feel of the area, you can park your Jeep rental in Italy at the outskirts and walk between the villages. They still retain their old world feel. Vatican City is a must see when you are in this area. You can find some of the best art in the world here and St Peter's Basilica is something you have to see. You can't leave without seeing the Sistine Chapel where you can marvel at Michelangelo's paintings in person. 

The Roman Forum is another amazing attraction that you won't want to miss. The remains of this Roman village are in great shape and you can see where the temples, markets and homes used to be. The Roman Forum is a fascinating place to visit and you won't want to miss it. When you drive your rental Jeep to Venice, you will want to visit St Mark's Basilica. This cathedral is a work of art in itself and it contains countless priceless artworks that you can view. You won't want to leave the country without seeing it.

The Pantheon dates back to the Roman times and has been perfectly preserved. The interior of the building is gorgeous and it houses the remains of many Italian kings and other famous Italian figures. You can take a guided tour of the Pantheon or explore it on your own when you go to visit it. Italy is a fascinating place to visit and it blends the old and the new in an exciting way. When you hire a Jeep in Italy, you can tour the country in comfort and since the Jeep is rugged, it can handle anything.

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