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Rent a Supercar in Milan

When you're going on vacation to a great place like Italy, you'll want to spend as much time seeing the sights as possible. That can be pretty hard to do if you're with a tour group because sometimes they move rather quickly from one venue to another. Then, they spend way too much time on bathroom breaks and eating because they have to cater to the slowest people in the group. That means that, while you and your partner can eat in 20 minutes, you'll still spend two hours waiting for others to socialize while they eat. On the other hand, if you have your own rental car, you can go off the beaten path and see things that the tour groups miss, spend more time on the things that interest you, and eat in the car, as long as you're careful, of course.

It's Best If You Plan Ahead To Pick Your Itinerary And Favorite Car

Since there are literally hundreds of different cars that you could choose from, not every location will have every car available all the time. For instance, if you want a supercar rental in Milan, Italy, they may have that Magnum P.I. Ferrari available in Rome, but they would have to send it over to Milan if that's where you want to rent it. Most car rental stores have multitudes of locations with specialty cars spread out all over.

So the best way to handle that is to choose the car, find the exotic car rental company that has it, then reserve it for the days that you want it. Most rental car companies have near airport locations, or pickup and drop off services available, you just need to ask.

Take Care Of Your Rental Car Insurance In Advance Too

American car insurance companies vary widely on what they'll cover when it comes to an expensive rental car outside of the US border. None of them will cover Mexico, but a few might cover Europe, you should call your agent. Sometimes all that needs to be done is to extend your regular policy to cover the rental car, other times you'll have to pay a fee to get a certificate of coverage.

The exotic car rental in Milan will want to sell you their own insurance that might be a lot more expensive than what you have from the US. It might also have exclusion clauses that can deny paying if you're intoxicated, drive on a gravel road, or speed. You should take the time to read the fine print online before you head to Europe.

Some credit cards also offer certain amounts of rental car coverage, but again, it's important to read the fine print and know what you're getting before something happens and you get surprised. Find out exactly what paperwork from your company is going to be needed by the rental car company so you can bring it with you. You may want to fax it over first to make sure it's what they need.

A location that is slightly away from the airport may have much lower rates than one that is right at the airport. The airport may be charging huge fees to the rental agencies that reside on their property. You can check the prices from the comfort of your home by using the computer, and always search for discounts, discount clubs, certain charge cards and other ways to save money. Many times it's possible to get up to a 20% discount by working all the deals and pitting the different rental agencies against each other.

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