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Rent a BMW in Naples

A real treat for history-lovers, a place of indulgence for foodies and an incredible location for city-lovers; when it comes to the city of Naples, there is a lot to love! Are you thinking about making this city the destination for your next city break? Or perhaps you have already booked a trip and are counting down the days until you leave. Whatever the case, we want to let you in on a few places and attractions that you shouldn't miss out on when visiting this exciting city.

For those among us who love history, a trip to Pompeii and Vesuvius should definitely make it to the itinerary, in fact a visit to this city really isn't complete without enjoying this spectacular attraction. Most visitors are especially mesmerized by the sight of fleeing figures frozen in volcanic lava. This attraction has been very well preserved, making it well worth a visit. It's not just history lovers who will embrace the city with open arms, coffee lovers are in for the treat of a lifetime too. Neapolitan coffee is drank short and strong, actually very strong! Most drink their coffee with sugar to take the edge off, although be careful how many you drink, you'll hear a few horror stories of people who drank too many and didn't live to tell the tale.

You will find great coffee in most of the cafes dotted around the city, however if you would like somewhere extra special, head over to the Gran Caffè Aragonese to enjoy a typical Italian atmosphere with friendly service and newspapers on offer, or opt for the Intramoenia Cafffè Letterario for a stunning location to sip coffee and watch the intellectual world go by. Whatever attractions and activities you choose to put on your agenda during your visit to Italy, there is another element to your trip that you shouldn't forget about; planning your car hire!

You will find plenty of choices when it comes to renting a vehicle for your Italian city break, but if you really want to fit in well in this luxuriously extravagant city, why not rent a BMW in Naples? It's a choice that comes with plenty of perks. The BMW is a car that knows how to allow the driver and passengers to star in their very own 'life of luxury'. It's a vehicle that boasts class, enjoys luxury and knows how to have plenty of fun every inch of the way. A BMW rental in Naples can give you all of this for a low price!

So if you are planning to spend time in the beautiful Italian city of Naples, you are in for a wonderful experience. Whether you will be in the city for business or for pleasure, be sure to take the time to embrace everything that this exceptional location is all about. Don't forget though, if you really want to upgrade your Italian enjoyment level, there's only one choice when it comes to car rental: hire a BMW in Naples!

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