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Rent a Supercar in Naples

When you rent an exotic car in Naples you are offered with the advantage of experiencing the raw intensity associated with this city combined with the contrast of its intricate historical past. Naples, which is Napoli in Italian is rated as the 3rd most populated city in the country of Italy and is the largest city in Southern Italy. The name is derived from Greek “Neapolis” which translates into “new city.” The city is very nearby to various exciting and interesting historical sites like local Bay as well as Pompeii.

This city is a vibrant and lively city that is filled with artistic and historical treasures along with winding and narrow streets that feature various small and interesting shops. This really makes this city well worth your time to spend a few days in your hire an exotic car in Naples. You could start off an adventure in Italy in a supercar such as a McLaren MP4-12C. This is one of the most superior sports cars that offer the performance associated with supercars.

Some sites to consider would be the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, which is to date the most popular museum in Italy and is the home to some of the finest collections in the world of the Greco-Roman artefacts. Other sites to consider with your supercar rental in Naples would be the Piazza del Plebiscito, the city’s main square, where you can visit the biggest church in this city known as San Francesco di Paola. If all this sightseeing has left you hungry, make sure you try out some of the dishes on offer at some of the popular restaurants.

Popular dishes in this region include smoked swordfish that is paper thin served over a valerian leaf along with citrus fruits, risotto, tomato salad, zucchini flowers and shrimp. Another famous dish would be a local fish fillet that is topped with almonds served on a bed of string beans, zucchini and chopped carrots. Once you have enjoyed a meal head off to the Terrazza Angio which is located at the top part of the Renaissance Hotel Mediterraneo and hop onboard the ostentatious Zonda Revolucion.

This category of vehicle has the types of cars that offer high-end technology, exterior and interior design, some of the top speeds along with various other types of parameters which ensure they are the most stylish and enjoyable cars you have ever rented. Some of the cars on offer will include the well-known Ariel Atom, KTM, Dodge, Maybach, Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, Ford Mustang, Lexus and a few others. When you hire a supercar in Naples you offered with the opportunity to pursue that extreme experience you have been in search of. These cars are guaranteed to get your adrenalin pumping, where you can live on the edge by taking those hairpin pin bends at unbelievable speeds. Make sure you stand out from the crowds and make an entrance when you arrive at one of your destinations with the sound that roars from a wide-open throttle.

You deserve to pamper yourself a bit, so travel like a superstar and book one of our amazing vehicles today. If you
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