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Rent a Ferrari in Naples

When asked about Italian design, most people will mention clothing, fine craftsmanship in glassware, pottery, art, architecture, and of course, the sports car. Fine Italian luxury is anything but standard or run of the mill. It is exceptional, with as much attention focused on the composition of materials as to the quality of the build and design. The Italian designer lifestyle is within reach when traveling in Italy. It is to be experienced fully and richly. For the tourist traveling to Naples, traveling in the exceptional craftsmanship is made possible with a Ferrari rental in Naples. That's right, why not live the designer experience?

At Apex Luxury Car Hire, we give you the opportunity to enjoy a heightened trip, where senses are elevated to another level. We want our customers to experience Italy with only the very best vehicles. Luxury extends beyond the vehicle spreading to our customer service, rental options, and responsiveness. We take on the responsibility of vehicle maintenance to ensure our customers have a top-notch experience. We encourage customers to rent a Ferrari in Naples. It is the way to go.

Many people know that the food is delicious, creative, and hard to stop eating in Naples. What they may not know is why. It is partly ingenuity, part sun-soaked volcanic soil, and the water. For anyone looking to truly experience Italy's luxury, drive around in the Ferrari, eat the food and drink the coffee in the city. From tremendous seafood straight from the local bay, to exceptional espresso, demitasse, and cappuccino to pizza, the food delights are limitless. Save room for dessert too, as there's nothing the people of Napoli cannot make delicious.

Check out the frescoes, the Piazzas, Parco Virgiliano and its breathtaking views, between shopping and eating. Specifically, the Galleria Umberto I is not to be missed. The arcade's glass roof peaks at a 184 foot-tall dome. This adds to its charm and beauty. View the wild mosaic zodiac that sits centrally on the floor. It is something of a lost gem at this point, though. Many overlook this fine stop, so visitors are in for a bit of solitude on their trip to visit the Galleria Umberto I. Another secret is that because you are renting a car, you can take your own trips just outside of the city. Make it a point to see Sorrento and Positano. And, while enjoying luxury atop luxury, do not miss the Amalfi coast either.

What will you see when you hire a Ferrari in Naples? Whatever you want. Though, it is guaranteed to be luxurious, fun, and the time of your life. Visiting any portion of Italy is a trip into some form of luxury and antiquity that speaks to all of the senses. It is an exceptional and life-changing experience to get to steep oneself in the culture, food, architecture, coastal living that also has a big city feel. Be sure to book the trip long enough to see all the best tourist attractions.

You deserve to pamper yourself a bit, so travel like a superstar and book one of our amazing vehicles today. If you
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