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Rent a Fiat in Naples

There is nothing more Italian than driving around in a Fiat in Italy. The cars have become more valued in this era than perhaps in the past. They are more stylish, well-designed, reliable, and efficient for the sometimes narrow alleys and streets indigenous to Italy. We at Apex Luxury Car For Hire can not think of a more fitting vehicle for a trip to Naples. Plan your trip around the seasons, and catch one of the festivals. It is known for creche upon creche celebrating Christmas along the streets, emanating from San Gregorio Armeno. At San Gregorio Armeno, find your own Nativity among the many vendor stalls to take home with you.

For New Year's Eve revelers, the top fireworks display in all of Italy lights up the sky of Naples. Though, if you want to experience something special to Italy, the San Gennaro festival is marked by a parade and fair including food in the city streets. It's on September 19th every year, to celebrate the saint, and includes masses at the local cathedral and basilica. The trades have a lengthy multi-generational history within the city, where everything from clothing and costume design to textiles and crafting of wares is produced by a long lineage of experts. The value is on creating long-lasting luxury that oftentimes is backed by lifetime guarantees of the craftsmanship. Shopping is by far one attraction that is sure not to disappoint in this gorgeous city.

For anyone who is history minded, make the two-in-one stop to Castel Nuovo. It is a castle that housed nobility when it was built in 1279. These days, it also features museo civico. It is a veritable treasure trove of Neapolitan artwork featuring pieces mostly from the 1400's through the 1900's. For people who fancy artwork, the Palazzo Reale is also a must-see. It contains frescoes, paintings, frescoes, tapestries, and furnishings dating from the 1600's to the 1800's.

Getting around should be a pleasure. Rent a Fiat in Naples to make it from one point to another in style. Enjoy the privacy of your own vehicle. It is the sure way to make it from the food walking tour to a guided tour of Vesuvius. By the way, Vesuvius is still active, in case you were unsure. Though, since 79 AD when it pummeled Pompeii, it has not wiped out any other towns with the same level of drama. If you want to get in touch with Neapolitan-specific culture, visit the caverns featuring the skulls of the dead (called the hypogea). This is one place where individuals adopt the skull of a deceased person, visit it and bring it flowers and other gifts.

Whether you stick with trips into nature, such as the view of the local bay, Vesuvius tours and outings to the Amalfi coast, or eat your way through the city, you are sure to find that if you hire a Fiat in Naples it will make life easier. And, you will feel more like one of the locals. That's the draw of a Fiat rental in Naples.

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