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Rent a Ford in Naples

Ford has become a stand-out maker of vehicles in the past 20 years once again. It is time and again the top in safety and features, while also cornering the market in reliability. We at Apex Luxury Car Hire love to give our customers the best cars that are a joy do drive. Ford typically makes our job a little easier, because they are so very reliable while offering the modern features, gadgets, and functionality drivers and passengers have come to expect. For that reason, we know our customers love to hire a Ford in Naples. Naples is a 4,000-year-old hotbed of culture, food, coffee, architecture, and craftsmanship. It is a symbol of good living, and a trip that shows off the luxuries of the centuries. From festivals to food tours, world-class seafood, desserts, pizza, and coffee, to the top clothing designers on the planet, this Italian city has something for everyone in the family.

Even its volcanoes are epic, unforgettable, and have a dramatic history. Take Mt. Vesuvius. Yes, that Vesuvius. The one that left Pompeii in a layer of petrified ash. People had no time to react, and were forever stopped in time whatever they were doing at that fateful time in 79 AD. They have tours that you can take to the famed Vesuvius, a still-active volcano. The local bay offers dramatic world-class views from Parc Vigliani, while the nearby coastline of Amalfi is a short drive away. The city itself has the architecture that plays dual purpose backdrop to its castles. The once-nobility-driven royalty gave way to museums that now feature Neapolitan artwork from the last millennia.

Now, because of the area's lengthy history, it is worth it to make time to visit the National Archaeological Museum. It is located at Piazza Museo and houses the ancient, artifact-based historical record that most travelers find fascinating. Work up an appetite there and you will be glad that you did rent a Ford in Naples. After all, no one wants to walk when they are ravenously hungry. Fortunately, this city has a bountiful offering of exceptional restaurants that feature everything from pizza to seafood and desserts.

Neapolitans are the original pizza masters, inventing the divine favorite food. Some people come just to eat their way through the city via pizza. The coffee and desserts are also exceptional and a point of pride in the city. Consider a food tour, if you have a difficult time deciding where to go or what food to try next. Lap up more history with the underground arts scene at Piazza Dante. When there, enjoy Nicola de Maria's truly magnificent and bright mosaic designs.

Joseph Kosuth is a name worth mentioning here, with a 49-foot-long neon commemorating Dante’s Il Convivio in The Visible Things. Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Intermediterranea beautifully mimics the Mediterranean sea in mirrors. While we provide reliable vehicles, Naples itself will give the trip of a lifetime for the whole family. Whether you are going for a specific event or festival, or just to take in all that Italy offers, you will be overwhelmed with the history, food, and culture. A Ford rental in Naples can help you get there.

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