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Rent a Hummer in Naples

Naples is a city of fun, thrills and activity. An exciting Italian city that knows how to please tourists, year in and year out, there is a lot more to Italy than Italian ice cream, romantic city strolls and cheese packed pizzas. Whilst attractions like the beautiful opera house, the incredible Pompeii and Vesuvius, as well as several Italian dining experiences are all a must during a visit to the city, there are a few more sights and activities that are also well worth considering.

For art lovers and enthusiasts, the underground art scene is an exceptional find. There are a few stations on the underground that are renowned for providing up and coming artistic talent with a place to showcase their work. To enjoy this art gallery, all you have to pay is the price of a metro ticket! The Piazza Dante is a great starting place and promises some rather impressive pieces to admire. If visiting the underground art scene sounds like your ideal way to spend a city break then be sure to check in advance which stations on lines 1 and 6 have plenty to feast your artistic eyes on.

Of course, a trip to Italy could hardly be complete without a generous helping of Italian ice cream. The Neapolitans are very passionate about their ice cream, which means you can expect a feast to remember. The choice of flavors are sure to astound you, but if you are finding it too difficult to choose, we recommend you opt for the nocciola (that's hazelnut to us), or the stracciatella (a plain flavor ice cream with chunks of crunchy chocolate). If Italian ice cream is too creamy or rich for your taste buds, not all is lost, just choose a sorbet instead, they are just as refreshing.

Whether you are traveling to Naples with friends, family, business colleagues or your significant other, giving thought to your choice of transport while in the city is a crucial element to enjoying your stay. Deciding to rent a Hummer in Naples can be a choice that comes with many advantages. Firstly, a Hummer rental in Naples is all about having fun, enjoying city life and doing it all from the comfort and luxury of a vehicle that embraces the meaning of the word iconic. In addition, since most of these hire cars come with their own chauffeur, you get to sit back, relax, and let someone else worry about the navigating, parking and traffic jams.

The city offers a truly magical Italian experience. With an abundance of cultural attractions, a wealth of history and good splash of modern fun, you will find it hard to cram everything onto your city vacation wish list! However, if you really want to live the Italian dream and enjoy the essence of what this city is all about, then hire a Hummer in Naples, it's a decision that is sure to put a smile on your face.

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