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Rent a Lamborghini in Naples

Be noticed, be seen, and go fast in your Lamborghini on your next trip to Naples. That's right, if you rent a Lamborghini in Naples you get to experience the elite of Italian sports cars while in Italy. Apex Luxury Car Hire offers up super elite luxury and makes it more attainable. We take care of the big-ticket sports car to keep you looking good and feeling good for the duration of your trip. Visit the Teatro di San Carlo for your favorite opera performance, slip down off to the Amalfi coast for a vacation away from your Italian vacation.

And, take in the natural dramatic beauty of Mount Vesuvius while you are there. The city is flanked by two volcanoes, Mount Vesuvius, and Campi Flegrei. Look out above the bay from Parco Virgiliano, with Mount Vesuvius very prominently noticeable along the Bay. Vesuvius remains active to this day, though its big claim to fame was demolishing Pompeii in 79 AD. Speaking of volcanoes, as the Neapolitans are known for commiserating with the dead, they do so in tuff catacombs beneath the surface street. Tuff, the stuff the catacombs are made of, is actually volcanic rock, called Volcaniclastic.

They actually hold mass underground in the Basilica of Santa Agrippina. The significance is that Neapolitan culture always feels the connection to their deceased friends and family. For that reason, even in today's world, many still adopt a skull of a deceased loved one. Buried beneath the city within the catacombs, they bring it flowers, and other gifts. If you are more into this world here and now and have no interest in learning about macabre topics, there's good news. There's always a party somewhere in Naples.

Dance clubs like Discoteca Il Fico, The Factory, and Galleria 19 are all top dance clubs. Galleria 19 is something of a legend, located in the old town. The cocktails are made by bartenders with a flare for acrobatics, it is said. Catch new bands and non-mainstream. Follow the calendar to see who will be performing when you are in the city. Discoteca Il Fico is a place to be savored, seen, and enjoyed. It is pricey, but promises a piece of dance club heaven. It's the perfect time to hire a Lamborghini in Naples.

You will be glad you did when you step out in style. People stop in their tracks and wonder who just arrived. It might lead to some good ice breakers, if not some curious glances by other night club goers, wondering who you are and how you made your money. That's definitely one way to enjoy the Italian experience. Simply schedule in the car and make waves for yourself. Of course, you almost would not want to be seen without a sports car when you head out to the Amalfi coast. Make plans to be seen if you are going to get a Lamborghini rental in Naples for your next vacation. Amalfi coast, hot night clubs, the finest restaurants, cultured events, and five-star hotels all beckon.

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