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Rent a Mercedes in Naples

Even the most cutting edge Mercedes is still a classic statement piece. It might have the latest technology on board and be as reliable as they come, but it can pay to rent a Mercedes in Naples. We at Apex Luxury Car Hire like to suggest a Mercedes rental in Naples for our cultured guests who are going to spend quality time showing up at Teatro di San Carlo. The magnificent theater features opera. Scratch that, it is more than just a theater. It in itself is a work of art. And, that's what makes the city and its sights worth not just seeing, but experiencing. Sure, the pictures of Italy are something to behold.

Though, to be there, in person, evokes every sense so deeply that it moves people on an emotional level. It is memorable, in a way that you can revisit the experiences from Naples in your mind later on, long after you have gone back home and come down off your vacation high. It is recommended that you make time to not only attend a concert, ballet, or opera performance, but also that you go on a guided tour of the theater itself. Otherwise, you will be distracted by the magnificent adornments, the gilded beauty, the frescoes and awe-inspiring beauty.

What more could you want from your vacation? Maybe to see some other sights within Naples while you are there? From the theater, a food tour could be a great way to break up the rest of the day. Or, if the performance is in the evening, eat first. Food is as specialty in Italy, as is the artistry of its architecture and historical value in the world. Do you love pizza? Well, you have tasted nothing yet if you have never had a Neapolitan make it for you in one of their special brick ovens.

Try other specialties, such as seafood, delectable desserts, and another feature of the Italian food landscape -- the coffee. Now, taking a walking food tour is great and all, but by the end you want a luxurious ride in a car, right? That's another reason to hire a Mercedes in Naples. If you are all dressed up for the operatic performance of a lifetime, you have to arrive in style. And, otherwise, your legs probably will be tired from all the walking.

Reliable transportation provided by Apex Luxury Car Hire makes driving a fine rental a reality in this city. It is easier, less expensive, and much more convenient to have access to your very own rental car, especially on vacation in Italy. Contact us for all of your transportation needs while you are in the city. You have other, more important items to think about, such as where you will eat or visit next. We suggest making a trip to Cattedrale di San Gennaro. It honors the city's own patron saint, Saint Januarius. If San Gennaro reminds you of a street festival in other areas of the world, then you are on the right track. Be sure you are in town Sept 19th to see the world's oldest San Gennaro festival.

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