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Rent a Porsche in Naples

Naples is a city bursting with surprises. From the tastiest pizza you could possibly taste, to inspirational and memorable historical and cultural sights that will leave you awestruck. Indeed a trip to Italy should be a must for everyone who loves to travel. One example of an intriguing and unique experience you may enjoy when visiting this beautiful city is to pay a visit to Marinella, a small, strikingly elegant boutique that is always crammed full with customers. Since 1914 this enchanting store has been making ties, in fact even Prince Charles, Aristotle Onassis and Bill Clinton have boasted designs from this boutique.

If purchasing a tie isn't your idea of a city break purchase, but you still have a desire to buy something memorable, then head over to Talarico, renowned for its silk umbrellas, if you buy one, it will come with a lifelong guarantee. Another option is Fratelli Tramontano, a true Neapolitan classic that aims to please. You will find plenty of high quality leather goods, such as bags and belts, and will be sharing a customer base with the likes of Bono, David Bowie and Neil Jordan, to mention a few.

After an intense shopping spree, you will be ready for some down time, so it's time to make your way to the Orto Botanico. With over 9,000 species, including ferns, shrubs, palms and aquatic plants, this sure does provide a haven of tranquility within a city that underscores the meaning of the phrase 'hustle and bustle'! One fact is very clear and simple; if a trip to Naples is on your upcoming plan, you are in for a treat. In fact, you may enjoy the city so much, that it will become one of your favorite city destinations.

Sometimes, planning a city break also comes with a generous helping of stress. Which accommodation should you choose? How long should you stay for? What is the best way for you to travel from one attraction to another? The list goes on! Here at Apex Luxury Car Hire, we may not be able to answer all of your questions, but we can sure help you with one of them; organizing your car rental.

This classic city is a city that embraces all that being Italian stands for. It's a location that boasts confidence, style, fashion and fun. That's why we recommend for you to rent a Porsche in Naples! The Porsche is the best luxury car you can choose, a vehicle field which we are proud to specialize in. It combines comfort, prestige and confidence, and gels them all together with a good squeeze of fun. Choosing to a Porsche rental in Naples is a lot more than securing a way to travel around the city, rather it is securing a highlight to your city break. Indeed if you want to truly live like an Italian during your stay in this iconic city, then it's time to hire a Porsche in Naples!

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