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Rent an Audi in Palermo

Spicy, colorful and hot, Palermo is the capital to the island of Sicily. This city is truly an assault on your senses particularly when you decide to rent an Audi in Palermo. Below are just a few samples of some of this city’s best events, landmarks and markets if you are a returning or a first-time traveler to this wonderful place. Found in the center of city is the historic Palace of Normans that dates back to the ancient 9th century and is now the seat for the Sicilian Parliament Another famous attraction includes the palazzo that is home to the Cappella Palatina which is a gleaming and gorgeous example of a few of the most stunning Byzantine mosaics in the world.

The San Giovanni degli Eremiti which is a red-domed building situated in close proximity to the Palazzo dei Normanni is similar to the Hagia Sophia that is found in Istanbul. Despite that its name was derived from this era, it happened to be the Benedictine abbey, Arab, Byzantine along with Norman influences that make San Giovanni degli Eremiti the best location to examine architectural intersections of various cultures that have a direct influence on how Palermo looks.

The Cattedrale is a few blocks away from Palazzo dei Normanni and is the main drag in the city. This building features various architectural styles and is of massive proportions. You can enjoy a trip to this site in your Audi rental in Palermo and marvel at the Neo Classical, Gothic and Moorish exterior. Other interesting spots in this location include a view inside the Norman tombs, Roman and Greek sarcophagi along with the crown of Catherine of Aragon.

You can really enhance your business trip, road trip or vacation when you hire an Audi in Palermo. This choice in cars boasts curved, sleek designs along with state-of-the-art technology. This superior automobile brand offers an outstanding combination of German engineering and style. When driving a car by this manufacturer there are various models to choose from. Some of the rental options available include the A3, A4, A5, A6, A8, the Q3 and the Q5. With a superior combination of comfort, grace and power, any car is the ideal choice to get you around while in the city.

These luxury and refined rental cars offer versatility for indulgent weekend getaways, fun-filled vacations with the family or the ultimate choice to get you and your business partners around town. Well known around the world for being one of the more favored and trusted brands. The Audi is really the epitome when it comes to a quality car. In the year 1966, this brand became acquired by Volkswagen and has since become the pioneers in association to automotive engineering. In 2012, around 1.5 million cars were sold making them the leading-contributor to the parent company. Make sure you ensure that your time is memorable when you arrive in Italy. You can guarantee this when you rent an one of the Audi available.

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