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Rent an Aston Martin in Perugia

Are you looking for an exciting vacation away from the pain of everyday life? Perhaps you would like the opportunity to step back in time? If so, there is a town in Italy known as Perugia where time has just about stopped. Here you can walk the streets and find beautiful buildings and gorgeous Renaissance paintings. Surrounded by historic walls, it is a town that makes for a beautiful vacation.

Of course, there is one question that arises when people prepare to travel and that is how to get around town. Do you rent a car or rely on public transportation? Without a doubt, if you are looking for the absolute best vacation, it is always best to rent a car. This allows you to see the town on your own terms and have a memorable vacation. If you are looking for the absolute best time you should check out how to rent an Aston Martin in Perugia. Let's take a look at a few of the sites you can enjoy while driving this beautiful car that is favored by the likes of James Bond.

One favorite spot that people love to visit in the city is Rocca Paolina. Here is an area where the 221st century hits the past head on. You can drive to the location in your Aston Martin and take an enchanting escalator ride up to the top. The area is an incredible fortress that was built in the late 16th century. From the heights of this magnificent fortress, you will get some of the most beautiful views of Umbria. Just be glad that there are now escalators here otherwise that would have been one long walk! Once you have finished your tour of the fortress, it is time to head over to Old Town.

Old Town is one of the most incredible destinations in the surrounding area. The area is host to wonderful buildings and interesting architecture that are perfect for photographing. There are lots of restaurants and plenty of window shopping for an exciting day of fun. If you hire an Aston Martin in Perugia, it will make for a truly memorable day. You may even get lucky and have the chance to see the jazz or chocolate festival. After a full day of shopping and eating, it is time to head over to Museo-Laboratorio di Tessitura.

Museo-Laboratorio di Tessitura may seem like a mouthful to say, but it is a must see location. In this deconsecrated church you will find a host of weavers who are passionate about their craft. In this amazing church, you will fully understand the weaving process and just how much of an intricate process it is. There is plenty to see and do in Perugia and having the right rental car is a key component. Having an Aston Martin rental in Perugia will take you to locations you never thought possible. If you are ready to explore this beautiful city on your own terms, call us today for more details.

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