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Rent a BMW in Perugia

There are countless cities all across the world and it can be difficult to decide where to go on vacation. If you are looking for a location that is filled with history and beauty, you should turn your attention to Perugia. Here you will find glorious scenes and grand architecture. It is impossible not to find something for everyone in Italy. The one issue you may have is trying to decide whether to rent a car or try to get around by bus, taxi, or foot. Most people decide it is best to simply rent a car to fully enjoy the city. In fact, you may want to rent a BMW in Perugia to fully take your vacation to a whole new level of luxury.

If you have never been to this historic city, let's take a look at just a few of the most popular destinations in the city. If you heart set on doing some serious shopping, there is no better local destination than that of Old Town. While it may sound like an area from Game of Thrones, it is a vibrant location filled with plenty of shopping and restaurants. Many people find that it is actually quite hard to see everything in just one day, so you may want to set aside at least two days for the ultimate time in Old Town. Once you have explored all there is to do in Old Town, you may want to take your BMW rental in Perugia on a drive to Rocca Paolina.

Rocca Paolina is one of the more unique destinations in this city, and you should expect to spend some time in the dark. Rocca Paolina is an incredible collection of underground caverns and rooms. In fact, it is considered a city built into a mountain. It is quite easy to lose track of time in here. So expect to spend some time just wandering around and coming to one with the 16th century! Finally, you will want to drive to Museo-Laboratorio di Tessitura for a journey into the past.

For those new to the area, the Museo-Laboratorio di Tessitura is an area where you can see amazing textiles being created right in front of your eyes. The artists who work here on a daily basis have a true passion for their work and want others to see what goes into the art of weaving. Situated in a 1200-year-old church, you will feel an immediate connection to the past. This is a must see destination while on vacation in Perugia.

There is much more to do in the city; this is just a sampling. If you want to see it all, you will really want to rent a car. If you are looking for a luxurious time you will want to hire a BMW in Perugia. This will allow you to see all the incredible sights and even travel to some of the local cities as well. Let us help you with your rental car plans.

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