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Rent a Maserati in Perugia

Do you want to cruise around the beautiful ancient city of Perugia in style? If so, then be sure to rent a Maserati in Perugia with us at Apex Luxury Car Hire. Our high-end exotic car rental service is the best on the market. With a premium car in your hands, you can surely impress everyone you travel with as well as locals and tourists that you come across in this medieval hill town. This city is one of the oldest cities in Italy. The first settlers were the Etruscans. Some ancient ruins remain in the city including the Necropoli del Palazzone and Pozzo Etrusco. These sites serve as a reminder of what life was like during the ancient times in Italy.

The city is also known for holding several cultural festivals, the most notable of which is the Umbria Jazz Festival. Celebrated every July, this festival attracts thousands of locals and tourists to commemorate the rich music heritage of the city. Only a few cities in the world can rival this one when it comes to being pedestrian friendly. Indeed, you can find numerous idyllic destinations just by walking around the city. Its varied streetscapes always seem to offer something interesting, keeping your eyes occupied at all times because of the sheer magnificence of the views.

Perugia is also home to several museums. Those you should definitely visit are Museo-Laboratoria di Tessitura a Mano Giuditta Brozzetti, Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria and the Perugina Chocolate Factory. Even though you can have a fantastic time strolling around the city, there are still plenty of reasons to rent a supercar in this city. A luxury car instantly adds a touch of class in your trip. It also ensures that you can navigate from one tourist attraction to another with utmost convenience.

A Maserati is an excellent companion for your Italian vacation. This luxury car brand has been in the automotive industry since the 1920s. It was during this time that the Maserati brothers started to delve into the world of automobiles. They established their reputation after creating some of the best race cars the world has ever seen. There are models have won numerous races, making the illustrious brand shoot up the popularity ladder. After almost a century of producing high-end sports cars, this brand continues to stay on top of the industry when it comes to using the latest and most innovative technologies. Of course, they also consistently come up with the most elegant looking prestige cars in the world.

If you have always wanted to drive a luxury sports vehicle, then we can help make your dreams come true. At Apex Luxury Car Hire, we provide the best rental services for different luxury models including GranTurismo, GranCabrio, Ghibli, and Quattroporte. All of these models are available for hire, so be sure to contact us right now and choose the specific model you want. A Maserati rental in Perugia can provide an exhilarating driving experience that will certainly make your vacation even more special. Hire a Maserati in Perugia by calling us now at Apex Luxury Car Hire.

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