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Rent a Mini Cooper in Perugia

Don't you love those destinations that are all about uncovering hidden gems, soaking in the atmosphere of bygone days and filling every minute with wonder and inspiration? If you, like many people, adore trips that take you to such a destination, then you are going to want to put Perugia at the top of your travel to-do list. What do we love about this choice? Here come just a few of our top reasons.

A visit to Perugia lets you soak in a truly medieval vibe. Take for example Gubbio, one of Umbria's delightful towns. With a strong medieval appearance and stunning mountain backdrop, this is a place that is well worth visiting. Just wandering around the medieval streets is a delight in itself, however the experience can be brought to another level be making time for some of the exceptional sights. The Palazzo dei Consoli along with its gallery certainly have the wow factor, in addition the Palazzo Ducale promises views that would be hard to rival anywhere else in the country.

For another generous helping of fantastic landscape, visit the Parco Regionale del Monte Cucco. This provides plenty of memorable hikes for walkers, or an abundance of excellent views for drivers. Todi is another town that the city is proud of. Enjoying a position of pride atop a pyramid shaped hill, this town makes an incredible sight, both from a distance and up close. The main square gives visitors a chance to step into a truly medieval atmosphere, in fact it has even been the set for many famous movies.

There is no doubt that this city and its surrounding area is ready to thrill, intrigue and fascinate visitors. However, with many of the star attractions requiring a considerable amount of travel, organizing car rental in advance of your trip is something that deserves your primary attention. What type of vehicle should you consider renting during your stay? One choice that is sure to please is a Mini Cooper rental in Perugia. No matter what car you drive in your everyday life, the Mini Cooper is a great choice when it comes to breaks away. It may be smaller in size than other luxury car rentals, but its personality, character and features are anything but small!

Wherever you plan to drive to and whatever attractions you wish to visit, opting to hire a Mini Cooper in Perugia is a great way to make your travel fun and fashionable. Driving, navigating, negotiating city traffic and parking, can all be a piece of cake when you are behind the wheel of a trusty Mini Cooper. In fact, when it comes time to leave Italy, you may miss your car rental as much as you miss the stunning location! There really is an abundance of medieval gems to discover in the city, so make sure when you rent a Mini Cooper in Perugia, it’s up to the job!

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