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Rent a Porsche in Perugia

Vacations are supposed to be a time when you splurge and have an exciting time in a new city. It is the time to try things you never get to do in your normal, everyday life. For some people that entail driving an exotic car in a beautiful location. Can you imagine driving a glorious Porsche through Italy? It sounds like a dream vacation, yet it doesn't have to remain a fantasy. In fact, you can make it a reality when you rent a Porsche in Perugia, Italy. In fact, you would be surprised that even with renting a high-performance car like a Porsche, it can be less expensive than catching taxis all over the city. Let's be honest it is also a lot sexier than a taxi!

One of your first destinations in this absolutely stunning city should be at Old Town. This location features some of the most exciting and enticing shops and restaurants in the area. It is the perfect place to find a bench and simply do your fair share of people watching for a day or two! However, with all the great food and window shopping, it is best to do some serious exploring, as you never know what you are going to find around the next corner! From here, it is time to drive your Porsche rental in Perugia over to Rocca Paolina for an exciting journey into darkness!

Rocca Paolina was built in the 16th century by a hateful Pope and stands today to show us the importance of tolerance. This underground city is an incredible journey into hidden caverns, hallways, and rooms. You may just feel as though you stepped into a high-budget movie. Which makes you understand why this is such a popular attraction in the area. However, if you want to visit the number one destination in Perugia, you have to take a drive over to Museo-Laboratorio di Tessitura.

At Museo-Laboratorio di Tessitura you can prepare yourself to learn more about the art of weaving than you ever thought possible. However, it is much more interesting than you would expect and the craftsman that are on hand are very friendly and willing to take you through an incredible journey. Inside this 1200-year-old church, you will find some of the most impressive fabrics to be found anywhere in the world. Be sure to grab at least one to support the artists and have something to remember this incredible journey.

Perugia is an incredible place to vacation and you want to ensure that you get to see everything that you have your heart set on. In order to do that, you are going to need a rental car. When you hire a Porsche in Perugia you are not only going to see it all, you are going to see it in style. A vacation is meant to create memories that last a lifetime. Driving a luxury car through Italy will remain in your memory long after the photographs have faded.

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