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Rent a Range Rover in Italy

Italy is a fantastic place to tour by car and there are so many things to see and do in this country. Getting around by car allows you to see more things and it gives you freedom to stop and get out when you see something that you want to explore. With a Range Rover rental in Italy, you can tour the Italian countryside in comfort. One of the first places you want to start when you go to Italy is the Colosseum. This marvel of Roman engineering still stands today and still hosts events. The Colosseum is huge and can hold over 50,000 people. The size and architecture of the Colosseum is remarkable and it is so well-preserved. You can wander around and imagine life in Roman times.

You don't want to leave this place without visiting the Venice canals. These narrow waterways serve as sidewalks and you take a boat to get from building to building. Going for a gondola ride at night is very romantic and it is amazing seeing the buildings all lit up at night. The buildings are hundreds of years old and they still look amazing. You really feel like you are traveling back in time when you visit the canals.

The ancient Roman ruins of Pompeii is a great place to hire a Range Rover in Italy for. This ancient Roman city was perfectly preserved when the nearby volcano erupted and buried the city and its inhabitants in volcanic ash. When the city was excavated it was completely preserved and you can walk around the city and visit what is left of the houses and temples. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is an iconic Italian landmark that you will want to see in person. The tower leans due to a flaw in the foundation, but you can climb up the tower and get a fantastic view of the city. Pisa also has many other attractions to explore.

Lake Como is the perfect place to take the Range Rover out on a spin. The Lake Como area is one of the most scenic areas in this place and the picturesque lake is surrounded by colorful towns and green mountains. There is an ancient abbey to visit and lots of resorts explore. The Amalfi Coast is an amazing place to visit and a really spectacular place to take a ride in the Range Rover. The coastal views are stunning and the hillside towns look like they are going to fall into the sea. There are lots of towns to stop at and explore and the coast is an amazing place to explore as well.

If you are going to be in Florence, you will want to visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. This amazing church takes up the entire Florence skyline and was built in the 13th century. You can climb the belfry to enjoy an amazing view of the city. When you rent a Range Rover in Italy, you can enjoy the country in style.

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