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Rent an SUV in Italy

Italy is a fascinating country and there are so many things to see. You can eat the best food in the area and see some of the most famous art in person. Whether you drive down the Amalfi Coast or tour Tuscany, when you rent an SUV in Italy, you can drive in total comfort. This is the perfect car to drive in this country because it can handle the rugged roads in Tuscany and winding roads of the coast. Read on to learn some of the sights you are going to want to visit when you go to visit this place.

The Vatican is a good place to start your trip. Even if you are not Catholic, the Vatican is still a wonder to behold. From the architecture to the artwork, the Vatican is a treasure for the eyes and spirit. You can see some of the best art in the world and the Sistine Chapel is a true experience. If you want to go back in time, you can visit the Roman Forum. It is one of the most interesting Roman ruins in the world and they are well preserved. It can be startling to see them in the heart of Rome and they truly inspire awe. It is fun to imagine what life might have been like in the Roman times.

The canals of Venice are another Italian attraction that is famous around the world. The city has canals instead of sidewalks and you travel along them by boat. The Renaissance buildings and romantic feel of the Venice is hard to match anywhere else in the world. If you love art, you will want to make a special trip to see "The Last Supper." The painting is so famous that you have to make reservations to see it far in advance, and you only get a 15 minute time slot to view it. The wait is worth it however, as this painting is truly spectacular.

Lake Como is worth taking a drive in the SUV. This scenic lake is surrounded by mountains and beautiful villages. The towns are filled with interesting monuments and it is filled with life. You could happily spend your entire vacation here. If you love wine, you can drive your ride to Chianti and see the vineyards and how this wine is made. While you are there, you can visit medieval castles and lovely villages. There is lots of wine to be tasted as well. Food is one of the big delights in Italy and there are so many restaurants to explore. If you love pizza, you will definitely want to visit Naples because they produce the best pizza in the world.

If you hire an SUV in Italy, you can take advantage of some of the best attractions in the world. It is a place that is constantly surprising you and there is always something new and different to see and experience. An SUV rental in Italy allows you to see the best of this part of the world.

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