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Rent a Bentley in Venice

It is no surprise that we all want to experience the finer things available in life. This includes flying first class, staying in opulent hotels, and enjoying luxury cars. However, the problem with that is it can cost serious cash. With that reason, alone many people give up on their dreams. However, it is not as expensive as one would think to rent a luxury car while on vacation. In addition, one can find great deals to stay in a gorgeous country like Italy. One of the most enjoyable locations to stay in Italy is in Venice.

With that in mind, you may want to hire a Bentley in Venice. This allows you to enjoy the gorgeous canals one day and drive the beautiful countryside the next. Let's take a look at just a sampling of what this historical city has to offer. When you arrive in Italy, you may be tempted to just settle down in the hotel and relax. However, you will want to drop off your bags at the hotel and make your way to the Canal Grande. Here you will be able to catch a water taxi and get an overall feeling of what makes the city so magical.

In fact, many visitors start and end their days with a ride along the canals. Whether at sunrise or sunset it is always going to be a magical ride! From the canals, you will want to set your eyes on Doge's Palace. Doge's Palace is an incredible building that must be seen to be believed in the city. When inside the building it is impossible not to be amazed by the size of the rooms or the gorgeous decor. If you want something truly special consider the tour which allows you access to the prison area and a walk along the bridge of sighs.

To fully appreciate this beautiful building book online and skip the line! From the palace take a water taxi to the Basilica di San Marco. The Basilica di San Marco is a working cathedral that was constructed over 100 years ago and it is a feast for the eyes. This is for any architecture lover, it is a stunning building inside and out. There is no fee to enter the main cathedral, however, there are additional parts of the church that do require a small fee and it is well worth the few extra euros.

This is just a sampling of what you will encounter through the famous canals. If you really want to explore the area you will need a rental car. For a truly luxurious vacation, you will want to rent a Bentley in Venice. Imagine having the opportunity to take the car into the countryside for a picnic along the side of the road. There are countless opportunities in the surrounding area and a rental car enables you to take control of your vacation. If you are looking to make your Venice vacation truly memorable, contact us today for a Bentley rental in Venice.

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