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Rent a BMW in Venice

Have you been looking for that one incredible getaway, where you could forget all of your troubles? There are countless spots across the globe where that can be accomplished. However, if you are looking for one of the most romantic, there is no better destination than that of Venice. A city of canals and gorgeous buildings. It is perhaps one of the sweetest vacation destinations.

While getting around the city proper is accomplished by water taxi or gondola, how do you get to surrounding attractions? By far, the easiest way to see what else is around is through the use of a rental car. And if you are looking to bring a touch of class to your vacation, you many want to rent a BMW in Venice for a truly exceptional vacation! Let's take a look at what the actual city has in store for you with three of the top destinations!

As you probably know, this city is known for its gorgeous canal system. So what better way is there than to begin your journey into Italy on the Canal Grande. This is one of those things that you must begin your vacation with! There is no better way of getting the general vibe of Venice than a water taxi ride along the Canal Grande. Immerse yourself in the culture as daily life continues around your vacation. It is truly a surreal experience seeing life flourish on the water. This will not be your last journey on the Canal Grande, but it will be the one you always remember! From the canals, you will want to make the journey to Doge's Palace.

For many of us a palace is always going to be an incredible experience. Yet, there is something about Doge's Palace that seems to say something incredibly special. When inside it is impossible not to be impressed by the sheer size of the rooms or the incredible decor and furnishings. While it is easy to get lost in the opulence of the building it has an incredible history that should be known as well. You can take a special tour that will give you much greater access to the building as well as the history or read up online. It is much more fun to enjoy it in person. From the canals make the short journey over to Basilica di San Marco.

From the outside, the Basilica di San Marco is a striking cathedral that is meant to be admired. However, the real beauty can be found in this 1000-year-old church. Entry is free to the main cathedral, yet there are additional areas of the church that require a small fee and are well worth it. This city is sure to become a favorite vacation destination for you. Make it even more special when you hire a BMW in Venice and have the ability to explore this gorgeous location. If you are ready to see the beautiful Italian countryside, contact us for a BMW rental in Venice today.

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