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Rent a Convertible in Venice

If you are tired of the same old routine every single day here is what you need to do...take an incredible vacation! A proper vacation is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the juices and feel alive again. The problem is many people simply do not think they can afford a vacation, much less go to another country. The truth is most vacations can be quite affordable. In fact, you can travel to Italy for much less than you might be thinking. In Venice, there is plenty to do without having to break the bank. In fact, you can hire a convertible in Venice and explore the surrounding area without having to take out a second mortgage! Let's just take a look at a few of the local attractions.

Venice is the city of love and canals. When you arrive in Italy, one of the first things you will want to do is head over to a water taxi for the full tour of the city. It is one of the cheapest ways to see just about everything in one sitting. It will allow you to take note of buildings you may want to explore later in the day. If you are riding in the early morning, let the smell of freshly brewed coffee carry you through the city! Next, travel over to Doge's Palace for an incredible viewing.

Doge's Palace is more than likely going to leave you breathless. It is an absolutely stunning building that has an incredible history. However, if you tour the palace by yourself, you will never really learn that history. With that in mind, this is one of the times you will want to shell out some Euros for the full blown tour. Not only will you learn the intriguing history of the palace, you will be granted access to the hidden areas. Now it is time to walk back down to the canal and grab a water taxi to the Basilica di San Marco.

If you love beautiful buildings and churches, you are going to fall in love with Basilica di San Marco. Located directly in the center square, this 1000-year-old church is still in operation today. While the outside is rather impressive, one must go inside to gain a full appreciation of the building. There is no charge to enter Basilica di San Marco, yet there is a fee to see some of the other sections of the church. If you like seeing the hidden nooks and crannies, take advantage of this special tour!

Does this Italian city sound like it would be the perfect vacation destination for you? Each year more and more people fall in love with the city of love! However, if you want to see the area around the city, you are going to need a rental car. And who wouldn't want to explore Italy with the top down and the breeze blowing through your hair. That is why you need to rent a convertible in Venice. If you are ready for the ride of a lifetime, contact us today for a convertible rental in Venice.

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