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Rent a Supercar in Venice

One of the most interesting cities I have ever seen is Venice, Italy. It is a city that has just about everything you could imagine. We think of this city as the city of love and canals, but there is so much more to it. In fact, it is the perfect family destination. You can even hire a supercar in Venice and explore the surrounding area. You never know where you may end up once you start driving down these gorgeous roads when you hire an exotic car in Venice. However, for right now, let's take a look at what you can do in a day in Italy!

Most people travel to Italy for the gorgeous architecture, romance, and canals. If you are looking for the best tour, you will want to head over to Canal Grande and let one of the water taxis take you on a beautiful ride through the world famous canals. You will see all the hot spots as well as the gorgeous buildings. During your stay, you will more than likely take this ride several times, however, the first is always going to be the one that you remember! While you will see plenty of gondolas waiting on the canal, they will be more expensive. Unless you are really determined for a gondola ride, take the water taxi and save a few dollars! Next, head up to Doge's Palace for an incredible lesson in history.

If you are a history buff, there are plenty of opportunities in the city. However, one of the most interesting is that of Doge's Palace. It is an exceptional palace and has an interesting story. While it is possible to take a self-guided tour of the palace, it is best to book one online. This will give you more access to the palace as well as much more information. The history of the palace is what makes it so interesting to visit. Now we are off to visit the Basilica di San Marco to finish our day.

There are gorgeous churches all across the world, and the Basilica di San Marco is included in that list. Located off of the canals it is a true masterpiece that is photographed hundreds of times a day. However, to fully appreciate this 1000-year-old operational church, one must go inside. The structure is simply breathtaking, even those who are not religious will be impressed by the sheer beauty of the building. There is no charge to enter the cathedral, yet there is a charge to see some of the aspects of the church.

This city is the city that has something for everyone. From gorgeous canals to churches that have withstood the test of time. While this city has it all, you may want to explore around the area, and for that, you will need a rental car. Why not rent an exotic car in Venice and feel the power these cars can deliver? If you are ready to supercharge your vacation contact us today and we will get you into a supercar rental in Venice.

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